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Renting a house is an economical way to spend a week or more in Nosara, and a wide variety is available, with plenty of options on price, proximity to surfing, ocean views, internet or other features.  You can contact a local rental agent directly and specify your needs, and shop via the internet as well.



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El Punto Surf Shop









M.P.M Mango Property Management
Nosara, Guanacaste

Phone number : 2682-1168
Fax number : 2682-4109 /

Business hours : 24 hours per day

Business days : 7 days per week

Business months : Year round

Contact name: Agnes, Jo and Catherine

Do you accept credit card ?

No, International Wire transfer only



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Mango Property Management



"Not just another rental company..."
We get things done!


Our one and only goal is to have happy and satisfied customers. Working with integrity and honesty, we will do everything in our power to reach this goal. With us, you will get the best personalized service and find the perfect rental property for the perfect Nosara vacations! We are extremely flexible and can assist you with any of your organization needs within Costa Rica, such as car rentals, airport transfers, activity bookings, hiring of cook or babysitter and more. Just ask us!



El Punto Surf Shop


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Nosara Beach Rentals

Business hours : 7am – 7 pm
Business days : Everyday
Business months :  All year

Phone number : 2682-0153
Fax number : 2682-0612
e-mail :
Contact name  : Tiffany

Do you accept credit cards ? Not at this time
Which credit cards ?

Nosara Beach Rentals

Nosara Beach Rentals provides Vacation Rental services in the Pacific-coast beach community of Nosara, Costa Rica.
Nosara has much to offer the prospective traveler or future retiree; from surfing to tennis, horseback riding to sea kayaking ˆ all in a tropical paradise. 

Tell us what you need and we will do our best to find it for you!  We have a wide selection of homes that will suit all of your needs and any budget. We are known for our fine homes and warm, helpful staff.

To make your trip extra special, we can also assist you with booking cooks,day trips, tours, ATV and car rentals. 

Interested in listing your house or apartment in Nosara for rent? Please contact Us!












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Nosara Home Rentals
  Nosara Paradise Rentals 2682-0606
  Villa Mango 2682-1168
  Juan Surfo House Rentals  2682 1081