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Nosara is home to lawyers, cooks and caterers, photographers, two security services, nannies and babysitters.


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Nicoya Legal

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Nicoya Legal





Address: Nosara, Nosara Development Building

Phone number: (506) 2685-5643 / 2682-0576

ext. 115

Fax number: (506) 2686-6612 / 2682-0389

Business hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Business days: Monday to friday
Business months: January  15, to December 22

Contact name: Lic. César Jiménez

Do you accept credit card ?

No, international wire transfer only.

Nicoya Legal


Lic. César Jiménez, Attorney and Notary Public. President to Nicoya Legal, with more than 17 years experience in Guanacaste, Nicoya and Nosara.


We provide legal services en the Following services of:


  • Property Purchasing
  • Vehicles Purchasing
  • Corporation constitutions
  • Contracts
  • Powers attorneys
  • Mortgage, last will and testament and Civil causes in the Court House of Nicoya and Santa Cruz.






        Other Players (Lawyers)


  ALG / Advisors
2682 1404



        All the Players (Bank)


  Banco Popular
2682 0802 / 2682 1100
Banco de Costa Rica
2682 5232 / 2682 5233



Fritz’s BBQ Smokeshack


Address: Main beach entrance, Playa Guiones
Phone number: (506) 2682-1038

Business hours: 12 noon to 7 pm

Business days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Sundays at Playa Pelada.



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Fritz’s BBQ Smokeshack


Fritz’s BBQ Smokeshack prepares pork ribs, chicken and sausage in the traditional Southern U.S. slow-smoked style, along with smoked fish tacos that are a beach favorite.
BBQ fans can buy meats packaged to take home for dinner, or hang out for tacos at the Smokeshack conveniently located near the Guiones beach entrance.  We offer delivery and a full catering menu as well.

Fritz’s smoked meats consistently earn rave reviews and repeat customers.  Pork and chicken are prepared with a rub mix that includes 12 spices and herbs.  Meats are then slow-cooked on a one-of-a-kind smoker custom-built in Nosara to exacting Texan standards.  Costa Rican hardwoods are fired in the lower pit, and special baffles help control the temperature to keep it “low and slow” the traditional way.  After hours of smoke our signature rib meat is falling off the bone, and chicken has been pronounced “the best I ever had.”

Visitors are sometimes surprised to find BBQ this good outside of the Southern states.  The pork and sausage here is typically from pigs that are raised locally, not in factory hog farms as is the practice in the U.S.  Infused with unique hardwood smoke flavor and our proprietary rub, with homemade barbecue sauce on the side, our meats are prepared in ‘small batches’ without any of the shortcuts that are standard in U.S. restaurants.
We will be trying different locations during our slower ‘green season,’ including Robin’s Ice Cream and Pancho’s Restaurant at Playa Pelada.  .




        All the Players (Child Care Needs)


Nosara Nannies