5 things you will learn living in Nosara

How to face down a cattle herd like a boss

Living in Nosara Costa RicaIn most cases, the interaction between westerners and cattle herds usually involves little more than a sideways glance as you drive down the road that skirts their home pastures. Not in Costa Rica. And definitely not on the roads, or ‘road,’ that twists through Nosara. For first timers, encountering an oncoming cattle herd, followed by the subsequent, stark realization that your hamburger was once a 1000 pound, four legged tank armed with a set of head mounted diesel powered swords can be unsettling. The realization that there exists no alternative route to ones destination  can either fuel the rising panic, or, it can represent the opportunity to implement what your yoga teacher has been preaching regarding breathing, relaxing, and remaining calm under pressure. These cattle encounters can be wierd even for those in the safety and comfort of a car.  For the uninitiated traveling on a motorbike, bicycle, or on foot it can be little less than a heroes journey. As they begin to encircle you the best option is, again, just to relax, smile at the cowboys and go with the flow. Unconfirmed sources have confirmed that the reason hindus consider cows sacred is because they are in fact master telepaths. Consequently, the worst option may be to look at them drooling and picture them covered in steak sauce.


What the ‘Land of the free’ actually means

If you’ve not seen it first hand then there’s countless videos on youtube depicting drunkenly emboldened chancers scurrying around the fiesta ring only to eventually get mashed to pulp by a bull the size of Playa Pelada. Whether this is sad, bad, tragic or downright hilarious depends entirely on ones perspective. What is not up for debate is this: By any interpretation of the law, be it natural, judicial, moral or otherwise, in Costa Rica you are more free to exercise, even abuse, your God given, state sanctioned right to be stupid than many other countries in the world, namely, Costa Rica’s Northern continental counterpart, confusingly nicknamed “The Land of the Free.” And before we’re accused of advocating or encouraging actions that although represent huge entertainment for onlookers could lead to severe injury or worse, then please allow us to point out that we totally are. Why? Because Nosara, for the large part is a self-governing state of anarchy. Not the kind that brings to mind pictures of punks smashing up banks. We’re talking ‘anarchy’ in its purest political form, which basically states that providing their actions result in zero harm to the physical, mental, emotional, environmental or economic well being of their neighbor,  mankind should be at liberty to do whatever the hell they wish. Moreover, it’s a system that evidently works, subsequently proving that the phrase ‘the land of the free’ really can represent more than a hollow, meaningless platitude rolled out to keep the masses patting themselves on the back as the sky falls around them.


The digital world can’t compete with the natural world

Sunsets in Nosara Costa RicaThere’s a reason that screensavers depicting epic natural landscapes are to be found on rotation among the desktop computers of so many for whom the ‘natural world’ involves a long drive to a lake or hiking spot, only to be greeted by a tide of others at the same place and for the same reason. For gazillions of years mankind roamed the plains, savannahs, mountains, coastlines and forests of the planet, blissfully unaware of skyscrapers, traffic, digital signals, hustle and bustle and all else that modernity has bestowed on our species. Then, around 10,000 years ago we learned to farm, marking the first step towards what would culminate in the industrial revolution a mere few generations back. The human software, particularly that of the first world westerner has undoubtedly changed. Our hardware however, has remained exactly the same, which is precisely the driving force that spurs so many city dwellers to literally run for the hills at 6pm pn a Friday afternoon. For many, equally attractive as the idea of returning to a natural environment is the promise that upon arrival, the absence of any digital signal marks a respite from the concrete jungle in which they live. For a few, the odd weekend just don’t cut it, and many of those individuals up sticks and move to a place where such natural beaurty is a daily reality, place like Costa Rica. Places like Nosara.


Fresh  is best

After experiencing a ten minute wait for a casado at the local soda for a meal consisting of healthy carbs, along with a heap of vegetables, then the whole idea of “fast food” takes on a new meaning. In fact, with so many organic fruit and vegetable vendors, and so few, if any,  places selling sub-par food items, many would argue that eating unhealthily in Nosara is, although possible, more time consuming and expensive than preparing or ordering food that your body will thank you for. After a while, this way of eating becomes a norm. So much so that the tastes of visitors returning to the hustle and bustle of their home cities may be forever altered. Obviously, this is a great change in perspective. Until of course, you realize that the ease with which you can make affordable healthy food choices in  a place like Nosara  is not as common elsewhere.  As well as being one of the best things you can do for your body, eating local, seasonal produce is also much gentler on the environment.


Don’t leave food out

Animals of Nosara Costa RicaWith the philosophy out of the way we’ll end on a practical note. If previously you were no fan of wiping down kitchen surfaces the moment you’re done cooking then now is the time to start. Unless you love visits from critters including  raccoons , cockroaches,  magpie jays  and countless more scavengers with no regard for your personal space then then it’s important to remember one man’s trash is another creatures treasure.


If you are living on Nosara, or planning to, and will run your own business, here are some things you should learn about keeping your business during low season!

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