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With high season just around the corner outlines the must-do activities for the year ahead!

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According to National Geographic, Nosara ranks as one of the worlds leading surf towns. Due to friendly line up, warm waters, and year round rideable waves. Although Nosara may not be the North Shore in terms of size and power, it’s known by the consistency and a wide range of conditions. Also, there’s the old school surf town vibe to be enjoyed between sessions. Due to this, surf schools have popped up and become a keystone of the local tourism industry. Staffed and run by locals, there’s no better place for beginners to learn everything from board selection to etiquette.


For those looking to escape, relax and immerse themselves in the yoga discipline, Nosara is the right place. Given the soul soothing vibe of the coastal jungle landscape, Guiones was selected by the early pioneering yoga community as the perfect place to build the platform for what would one day become Central America’s leading yoga hotspot. From humble beginnings Guiones has steadily evolved into a magnet for all who wish to begin, or deepen their practice.

Scuba Diving

Little remains unwritten in regards to the bio-diversity of Costa Rica’s national parks and jungles. Seems like, an often overlooked aspect of the country’s natural wealth is what lies beneath the oceans surface. Here you will find an indescribably stunning marine environment that few ever experience. And, among the crystalline seascapes are to be found everything from coral reef and volcanic formations to an array of marine life. For anyone in the mood to explore this incredible sub-aquatic world there’s good news. Although scuba diving isn’t the first activity choice of many visitors to Nosara there still exists a few quality scuba operations happy to get you up close and personal with the underwater treasures of the Guanacaste coastline.

Canopy tour

The skies above the Guanacastecan rain forest comprise the setting for one of the longest, most thrilling canopy tours in Central America. It’s 21 lines go across valleys, mountain ridges and deep canyons, all of which offer breathtaking river, waterfall, jungle and ocean views. Suitable for families, thrill seekers, nature lovers and anyone wishing to take in the ultimate canopy tour experience, the canopy tour in Nosara meets and exceeds the highest safety standards in Costa Rica. And, tot only are all the tour guides certified but they’re also a whole load of fun to spend the day with.

Mini Golf

The original plans for the “American Project” included a full size 18 hole golf course. And, while many consider the fact it was never realized to be a blessing, visitors who can’t go without a round of golf can visit the 18 hole golf course in Cafe Paris. Although it may not boast the size of St Andrews, it’s still a great way to spend an afternoon working the ball around a surfboard,  over a bridge, across a moat, and many other challenging obstacles. Therefore, if you’re looking for a great way to spend some family time, “Jungle mini golf” is a great option. Additionally to being shaded and surrounded by nature, there’s a swimming pool and bakery only seconds away.

Yoguini at the beach Yoguini at the beach
Horseback riding at Guiones beach Horseback riding at Guiones beach
Fishing tour in garza Fishing tour in garza
Surfear at Guiones beach Surfear at Guiones beach
Stand Up Paddle in Nosara Stand Up Paddle in Nosara



Sailfish, snapper, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish, black, blue and striped marlin and many more species are the reason the Guanacaste Pacific ocean is considered to some of the best sport-fishing on the planet. Calm waters, professional captains and crews and an ocean replete with marine life ensure visitors coming to Nosara to catch the fish of their dreams won’t leave empty handed. Seems like few places provide such an opportunity for a great day’s fishing than the waters off the Nosara coastline. 

Horseback riding

After seeing the way in which Costa Rican cowboys work in harmony with their animals, many visitors to Nosara leave with a newfound respect for this aspect of the country’s culture. Costa Rica is a breeding ground for some of the finest horses. Therefore, for some of the most skillful horsemen and women in the world. Whether an expert or complete beginner you’ll find horse riding through the Guanacaste landscape to rate as one the best ways to immerse in the local terrain. Regardless of whether that be peacefully trotting through the rain forest or galloping through the white sand beaches, you can rest assured that a horse riding tour will deliver memories to last a lifetime.

ATV tour

The rain forest landscapes, mountain trails,  dirt roads and remote stretches of coastline around Nosara make it an ATV paradise. With an abundance of both incredible scenery and first rate ATV riding it’s guaranteed that your tour guide, will take you on a ride to remember. It seems like ATV riding is truly a great way to get you off the tourist trails and into parts of Costa Rica not seen by others.


Nosara has begun attracting more visitors here to experience the waves and river mouths via stand up paddling. And, with so many places waiting to be explored, Nosara has become a magnet for “SUPpers”. Depending on your tastes and experience a SUP expedition may involve anything from tackling the open ocean waves, to gently traversing down the river at the Biological Reserve.


For a few years now, tennis has been slowly making inroads into the Nosara activities menu. Nowadays, due to an increase in both courts an coaching options the sport is now mainstream. Nosara offers tennis players the option of both hard and clay courts. Including services from ball machines, racket hire, one-on-one and group coaching.

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