Artisan Jewelry in Nosara

As mass jewelry manufacturing corporations come under increasing fire for questionable practices, it’s no surprise that like sustainable food and fashion, handmade, artisan jewelry has become increasingly popular. Also unsurprising, is that for a remote, surf-centric beach town where the fashion criteria is a far cry from the catwalks of New York, the artisan jewelry scene is flourishing. In addition to roadside vendors selling their wares from table displays, Playa Guiones also features a selection of stores selling unique, one-of-a-kind pieces crafted by local artists, all of which are handmade, and synonymous with quality, and high levels of detail.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, wedding band, engagement ring, or just something guaranteed to be the only one of it’s kind, it’s a safe bet that you can find it from one or more of the boutique stores and vendors around the town. Here’s a look at what you’re paying for when you buy an artisanal piece.

Helping Small Businesses

The vast majority of the pieces on display at local stores are crafted by local vendors. If you purchase from a local artisan, you are directly contributing to both the artist’s livelihood, and the towns commerce. Plus, somewhere down the road it may prove to be a great investment.

Quality of Materials

With handmade pieces, there’s often more of a connection between the material suppliers and the artisan. When you splash out for a custom bracelet, necklace, or ring, the material value often exceeds that used to make mass-produced jewelry.

Ethically Sourced Materials

Currently, major jewelry makers are rightly criticized for their hand in a litany of misdeeds, including buying conflict diamonds from corrupt regimes, exploitative child labor, ecologically damaging mining practices, and ultra high energy usage.

Many artisan jewelry makers are committed to sustainability, and tend to be conscious of where their materials originated from, and how they were retrieved. Consequently, many choose materials that come with a guarantee of being ethically sourced, even when this makes it more difficult for them to make a living.

In most cases, the materials used to make a handmade piece are at a high degree of quality. Plus, craftspeople tend to be more cognizant of where their materials are from and can identify each part of the sourcing process. When buying a piece, the chances are that the vendor will be more than happy to talk about the piece, and the process of how it was created.

Enjoying a One-of-a-Kind Piece of Handcrafted Jewelry

No matter what you choose to buy, the true value in owning a piece of artisan jewelry is walking away with a unique piece, that will transcend fleeting trends, and add a unique dash of style for a lifetime, and possibly much longer should you choose to pass it on to a loved one. When you buy a piece of handmade, artisan jewelry form a Nosara craftsperson, you’re buying the story that goes along with it, as well as a reminder of a great time in Costa Rica.

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