Beach Clean Ups

Among the plethora of major environmental dilemmas currently faced by planet earth’s inhabitants, ocean pollution ranks high. Given the fact that government action often seems shamelessly inadequate, it’s no surprise many individuals and groups are taking things into their own hands.

Beach cleanups are volunteer activities that are taking place on an increasing basis along coastlines around the world. Nowadays, environmental groups, civic organizations, along with individual beachgoers spend time collecting plastic and other beach trash, simply to make the beach a better place and to improve the ocean ecosystem. Some would argue that such campaigns are merely a small band aid on a huge bullet wound, and that a simple beach clean up makes little difference to the health of our planet. Unfortunately, those people would, in a sense, be correct. In another sense, they’d be dead wrong. Why? Because beach clean ups give people a boots-on-the-ground grasp on what’s polluting our beaches. Also, by showing us the effect of their actions, and maybe inspiring them to think about the way they live, it helps to stop the flow of plastic at it’s source.

Whether you’re a resident, or just planning a visit to Nosara, here’s a few reason why partaking in a beach cleanup is an excellent way to spend some time.

Help save marine life

Ocean pollution and mountains of trash are one of the biggest threats to marine life. Every year, the number of marine animals and sea birds becoming entangled in plastic, or ingest it, is growing, usually resulting in their deaths. For every creature you see on social media wrapped in plastic, or washing up dead because they mistook trash for food, there is likely countless others who go unnoticed. All it takes is one cigarette butt, or bottle cap, or straw, or can holder for these creatures to suffer an awful fate. Although the majority of these occurrences take place on the open ocean, spending even a little time and effort partaking in a beach clean up can reduce the risk marine life faces.

Increased awareness of one’s own lifestyle

Anyone who partakes in a beach clean up understands that the campaign doesn’t end when they leave the beach. Although their efforts may have only taken a few hours, many find their mindset undergoes a lasting transformation. Afterwards, wherever they go:- gas stations, grocery stores, towns, cities, the pollution sticks out like a sore thumb. Try as they might, it becomes impossible to ignore, making it difficult for them to ever return to single use plastics. Beach clean ups provide a valuable opportunity to make participants examine the effects of their own lifestyles. Consequently, many take a more eco friendly approach to the way they shop, consume, and dispose of trash.

Make friends

Spending a morning as part of a team trying to make their neighborhood a better place is a great way to get to know local residents better, and potentially make some new friends. Chances are, the people alongside you will be conscientious, like-minded individuals who don’t mind volunteering some time for a good cause. That cause is to improve their community, while repairing a minor part of a major problem. Consequently, all involved are very likely to unite through community service, a sense of civic responsibility, and an enjoyable, mission oriented stroll on the beach. After all, enjoying the natural surroundings with others, while helping generations to come is surely what being part of a community is all about.

Interested in attending a beach clean up at Playa Guiones or any of the surrounding beaches? Check out the following websites:

Nicoya Waterkeepers
A Costa Rican non-profit, for clean water and responsible water management.

Nosara Civic Association
Founded in 1975, their mission is to honor and support a sustainable future for the Nosara area.

Nosara Recycles
Their mission is to educate, promote and advance environmentally and economically sound waste management practices in Nosara and the surrounding communities.

Additionally, check local facebook pages. Often, a beach clean up will be announced a few days in advance.


Beach Clean Up Nosara

Beach Clean Up organized by Nosara Recicla.

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