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Firefighters of Nosara Costa RicaIn November 2009 a local resident organized a donation of firefighting equipment from a former client of his. In December that year he circulated volunteer forms looking for firefighters. Thus was born the Nosara Firefighters, who, almost a decade after their inception have become a well known, and highly valued community resource.

In the warmer months, this team of unpaid volunteers often receive more calls than they can handle. Additionally, despite community donations and some creative measures to acquire resources, the Nosara firefighters still lack funding and supplies.

The firefighters are in constant need of safety gear, supplies, and chiefly, financial funding. Their efforts constitute a vital component for community stability. The continuation of their work requires focused, consistent community efforts from the local residents.

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Nosara Animal Care

Protection for animals in Nosara Costa RicaNosara Animal Care is a non-profit organization devoted to providing health care for the most vulnerable animals, particularly cats and dogs in and around Nosara. Their stated goal is to promote compassion and eliminate suffering. In addition to rehabilitating, nourishing, and caring for sick and injured animals, Nosara Animal Care also works tirelessly to find new homes for these animals. They operate a free spay and neuter campaign to reduce the numbers of unwanted animals, and offer discounted veterinary care for low-income pet owners.

Nosara Animal Care operates educational programs in local schools. These visits are aimed at educating local youngsters regarding how to treat animals with care, compassion and respect.

Nosara Animal Care has a strict no kill policy, and never euthanizes an animal unless it is experiencing heavy suffering  with a very slim chance that it can be restored to health. This is a costly, time consuming, labor intensive affair that requires volunteers, grants, and donations to remain viable.

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Refuge For Wildlife

Refuge for wildlife Nosara Costa RicaIn January 1999, the Refuge for Wildlife opened its doors in order to address the growing number of wild animals  from Nosara and the greater Nicoya Peninsula, that were suffering at the hands of increased human encroachment into their territory. Two decades later they have become a nationally recognized institution, and one of  Guanacastes leading centers for the care, rehabilitation, and eventual release of sick, injured, orphaned and displaced wild animals.

Their resident animals are any and all of the local fauna, including squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys, capuchins, parrots, toucans, hawks, owls, pelicans, doves, vultures,  as well as margays, squirrels, porcupines, opossums, pizotes, raccoons, kinkajous, snakes, porcupines and bats. However, the Refuge for Wildlifes main focus is on the Howler Monkeys for which Playa Guiones and Nosara are home.

The Refuge for Wildlife responds to hundreds of animal emergencies each year and its staff are professionally trained to deal with the injuries they have suffered. They provide short and long term care, and are a vital resource for the local wildlife. 

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SIBU Monkey Sanctuary

Since it was set up over a decade ago the mission at SIBU sanctuary has been to rescue orphaned, injured and displaced animals and provide them with the care and medical treatment required before eventually releasing them back into the wild. SIBU is located in a heavily wooded jungle are and is the perfect home to wild animals including anteaters, kinkajous, jagarundis, kudamundis, howler monkeys and many more. They have all been attracted by the tropical forest, the plentiful supply of food, and the fact that the property lies equidistant between two major water sources – the Rio Nosara and the Rio Montana. 

Like refuge for Wildlife SIBU’s mission is to rescue injured, orphaned, and displaced wild animals and provide them immediate medical care, rehabilitation, and eventual release into the wild. When they are strong and healthy enough to be returned to the wild they enter SIBUs step-down release program. For animals considered unlikely to survive in the wild SIBU serves as a permanent home where they may receive life long care.

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Nosara food bank

Nosara Food BankAs Nosara becomes increasingly expensive, more local families are finding they lack the means to buy basic necessities. The Nosara food bank was set up in 2013 to feed low income families. They also help with rent, school uniforms and other basic necessities.

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Nosara recycling association

Recycling in Nosara Costa RicaNosara Recycling Associations mission statement is to educate, promote and advance environmentally and economically sound waste management practices in Nosara and the surrounding communities, this small but determined band of concerned residents formed the Nosara Recycling Association.

Since its inception in 2008 the Nosara Recycling Association no plays a crucially important role in overseeing and managing the increasing volumes of waste produced by a growing community.   the Nosara Recycling Associations work is supported and fundedby a number of local businesses, financial patrons, and individuals who understand the importance of this vital community service. However, they also rely on donations to continue their mission to educate people via workshops and school visits, as well as organize various clean up campaigns and programs aimed at eradicating the local use of styrofoam and other such toxic materials.

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