Costa Rican Chiliguaro Recipe

Pilsen, Imperial, Segua, and Liberta are all celebrated names among Costa Ricans who like to socialize, drink, dance, and fiesta. However, among the many unique booze offerings that stand out, none of them are quite as famous as “Chiliguaro”. Guaro pretty much ranks as Costa Ricas best known hard liquor. Throw in the Chili and a few other select ingredients and you have Chiliguaro, which as well as being delicious, is also likely the most popular way to drink Guaro. Depending on where you are Chiliguaros are a mixture of Guaro, Tabasco sauce, lime juice and a few other things. Furthermore, Costa Rican visitors to Nosara often remark that the Chiliguaro shots available in some foR the local bars rank as some of the best in the country.

For those who have neither heard of or tried Chiliguaro, and would like to experience it in the confines of their home without having to journey to the bar, the following information contains the recipe which most of the bars in and around Nosara adhere to.  We must warn you that these shots go down very smooth and you can drink them quickly due to the ingredient mixture so make sure to drink them with friends and family you trust. Most importantly, enjoy!



Costa Rican cocktail1 bottle of Cacique Guaro (although a little pricier we recommend the black bottle version of this liquor definitely contains the smoothest flavors)

15-20 Mandarina limes – search for the bigger ones that look suspiciously like oranges. These create a much tastier drink than the small green types of lime.

1 bottle of  hot sauce. Costa Rica has many different types of hot sauce on the menu. Although you’re welcome to get creative, if it’s your first time then maybe best to stick with a tried and tested bottle of regular Tabasco sauce.

1 large mixing bowl with a lip for pouring the drink into either glasses or a bottle.



Simply pour the entire of Guaro into the bowl, chop, squeeze and extract all the juice from the limes into the bowl, throw in the bottle of hot sauce and begin stirring until the mixture turns blood red. Worcestershire sauce is optional depending on personal preference. Pour into shot glasses and savor the taste with friends. Although Chili Guaro packs a punch, and may require some getting used to, in a short time it may well become your favorite Costa Rican drink recipe.

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