How to Choose the Right Nosara Vacation Rental

In a town where vacation rental beds far outnumber hotel beds it’s little wonder that the Nosara rental property is thriving. As more and more vacation rentals become available the choice can be overwhelming, particularly for first time visitors making their booking online. Planning a vacation to Nosara doesn’t have to be stressful. Here at we understand that the best vacations mean that you’re as comfortable as if you were in your own home. The following information is a guide to making the correct choice when selecting a vacation rental perfectly suited to yourself, your group, your requirements and your budget.



Many visitors, particularly surfers, consider beachfront to be the prime location for their stay. However, in Playa Guiones, the term ‘beachfront’ means something quite different than in other locations. Here, ‘beachfront’ means as close as you can build to the beach without infringing on the wildlife refuge. So, if you rent a beachfront location, and expect to wake to the site of sand and surf you’ll be disappointed. In Playa Guiones, ‘beachfront’ means at least 200 meters from the beach. After that demarcation, from K section in South Guiones, all the way over to the North section, there’s plenty of beachfront properties to choose from, many of them high end luxury dwellings that command serious money, particularly in high season. With added construction underway, this number is only set to increase, adding to the growing concerns of local environmentalists.

As well as beachfront properties two minute walking distance to the beach there’s also a whole range of places to choose from anywhere between a 3-10 minute walk. Obviously, properties closest to the shoreline demand the highest prices. However, those willing to walk an extra 5 minutes can expect to save money on rental fees.

Ocean View

The topography around Nosara includes hills, mountains, and other beautiful areas that rise above sea level. Consequently, there are some amazing properties that boast some of the best views you’ll find anywhere. Unfortunately they don’t come cheap. Ocean view rental properties in Nosara are just as coveted as anything you’ll find close to the beach. Sure, the journey to and from the beach may be a little longer. However the payoff is twofold. First, you can check exactly how the waves are shaping up from the comfort of your own terrace over breakfast and coffee. Second, you get to return to some of the most spectacular scenery in the southern hemisphere, and later watch a sublime sunset with a cocktail in hand from the infinity pool.

Off The Beaten Path

On paper, locations like Las Huacas mountain, and the beachfront locations down below, sit at the top of the Nosara rental rankings. However, if you’re willing to locate yourself out of town a little, then it’s entirely possible to find a great place without paying premium prices. If you shop around you may find some of these places are at higher elevation, meaning it’s possible to get the same great ocean views without having to pay the exorbitant prices asked by homeowners in areas closer to town. The most obvious of these locations are in D section and the high road in Pelada that leads up to Lagarta lodge hotel. However, these are just the start.

If you don’t mind driving an extra 10-15 minutes to get to Playa Guiones, then check out the following places. First, there’s San Juan mountain. The entrance to this beautiful mountain is in the town of Arenales, around a 12 minute drive from Playa Guiones. Once you ascend, you’ll see why so many expats have decided to make this place home. The further you climb the more stunning the views become, offering a 180 degree of the Pacific ocean stretching from Samara to Tamarindo on a clear day.

Wherever you decide, just remember that while beachfront and/or ocean view rentals in Guiones town may be out of your budget, some of the best places are off the beaten path, and offer levels of tranquility not available in some of the more popular locations.

Bed Count VS Head Count

If it’s three couples traveling to Nosara together, and they rent a place with three bedrooms, then the only debate may be who gets the only bedroom with the ensuite bathroom and the ocean view. Either way, everyone should be comfortable enough. However, say you’re part of a group of 12 looking for the most economic rental option you can find. While browsing your options, you come across a place that has 2 bedrooms and sleeps 12. Although it may sound perfect, it would be wise to hesitate and do some homework before reaching for the credit card.

Although some bedrooms may sleep multiple people, it’s highly likely that the sleeping options may include less comfortable options, and much less convenient options such as futons, sofas and makeshift camper beds. Additionally, even in some of the more upscale rentals, air conditioning is only available in the bedrooms, meaning the visitors who drew the short straw may not enjoy the same quality of sleep as their travel companions. Again, do your research and ask the right questions.

A Picture May Speak A Thousand Lies

Obviously, any homeowner will go to great lengths to present their property in the most desirable light possible. This includes hiring professional photographers, with wide-angle lenses and great photoshop skills. In some cases, some of the photos may be stock pictures taken from the internet to add style and desirability points. Additionally, if there’s a noisy construction site next door, it’s highly doubtful that the flowery language and marketing text will make any mention of it. This is the time to look past the pretty pictures to the guest reviews. The comments and feedback are a great way to gain the kind of clear picture a photograph just can’t convey. It will provide honest insight into the property, the location, the surrounding activity, and exactly what you’ll be getting for your money.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

It’s important not to become overwhelmed by the choices and the advertisements. There are many houses to choose from. All of them are different prices, have different facilities and amenities, and are varied distances from the beach or the center of town. When looking for your perfect rental, begin by narrowing down the precise requirements for yourself or your group. This is particularly important if you’re traveling with children, elderly, or disabled travelers.

Read the Fineprint

Often, vacation home renters assume that everything will be taken care of, everything will be neatly in place on their arrival, and there will be no hidden fees to deal with. This is not always the case. To save yourself from from any unpleasant surprise check the small details in advance- Is there towels included? Is there toilet paper, or do you need to bring your own? What are the check in and check out times, and is a cleaner included in overall rental fee? Finally, double check what kind of payment you have to make in advance. Often, a 50% deposit should secure the property in advance, but this is not always the case.


During the xmas period, searching for low rate last minute rentals is like searching for gold dust. At other times of the year, particularly in green season, there’s some great deals to be found, many of which can be negotiated down even further. Don’t be afraid to make an offer. Although cancellations are rare, they do happen. Local social media is a great place to hunt for rental bargains being offered at last minute reduced rates.

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