Diving in Nosara

The deeper you descend, the more you enter a slow motion landscape. That is exactly where the thrill of scuba diving lies, that the moment you dip beneath the waves you never know what you’re going to find. In a country where the waters are the domain unique species, Costa Rica is truly a place where scuba divers should expect the unexpected.

Stingrays are commonly found while diving in Playa Garza, Nosara

We all know that Costa Rica is paradise for nature lovers. However, the majority of material focuses on creatures such as sloths, monkeys and many other terrestrial animals. Stunning as they may be, when compared with the underwater life, they represent only a small portion of the wildlife.

In Costa Rica, here is an unimaginably spectacular environment beneath the waves that few experience. Clear blue waters, underwater volcanic formations, along with unique exotic animals form the backdrop of a diving destination beyond comparison.

Who can take me snorkeling?

For anyone who feels ready to explore this underwater world there’s good news. Buceo Gavilana, the professional diving company operating out of Garza Beach, is your ticket to getting up close with the underwater world.

Turtles are frequently viewed whle diving in Playa Garza, Nosara

They are located in Garza Beach and offer a range of dive options for both veterans and beginners. If you’re experienced, they will take you out on a 26ft dive boat and drop you at one of many locations available.

Divers are free to use their own equipment, however, this company has modern equipment available for rental. The “discovery scuba diver” experience, for beginners, includes a half day of theory and pool time, equipment, and 2 dives. For divers looking to obtain the “open water certificate”, the company also runs this course. In addition to the above options they offer a wide range of specialty courses. For more information, click here!

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