Fiber Optic in Nosara

From humble, rustic technological beginnings Nosara has come a long way over the past decade. It wasn’t so long ago that the only option to connect with the outside world was to take a trip to The Gilded Iguana and pay to use the only telephone for miles around. Many long time Nosara veterans look back nostalgically on this era of isolation.  However, as Nosara grew, it was only a matter of time before the digital communication revolution began making inroads.

For a long time the only option for internet service was ICE – the government telecommunications company. Although it isn’t fast it served ones basic needs. Providing those “basic needs” didn’t include an Skype call with folks back home. As with many government monopolies ICE did not offer the best service, maintenance or repairs. Additionally, the jungle conditions made the internet options a frequent source of frustration for visitors. However, as the telecommunications markets opened the private sector moved in.

Nosara today

Nowadays the range of internet options in Nosara is far more wide ranging. It’s fair to say the Nosara has come a long way in communications technology over the last decade. However, very recently this improvement in internet technology took a huge leap in the form of the latest fiber optic technology. In addition for connection problems to be a thing of the past, this new technology is set to establish one corner of Guiones Beach as a place with some of the fastest, most reliable internet service in the country.

Although fiber optic technology appeared since the 1970s it’s only in recent years that was applied to internet communications. Advantages include more bandwidth, quicker download and upload speeds, reduced degradation of signal, increased security, and hugely increased reliability. And all of these benefits are now available in one of the busiest sections of Guiones. Businesses around Coconut Harry’s and Organico, all the way down to the Wanderlust have access to this fiber optic technology. Traditionally, businesses and locations that desired this technology would incur great expense to purchase the entire installation. However the installation covers the entire portion of the main street. Therefore, anyone who wishes to benefit from this has to sign up and pay the connection fee.

With an estimated connection speed of up to 100 MB per minute this is great news for businesses. Whether it be a real estate office looking to keep clients regularly updated regarding the state of the market, or cafes looking to offer visitors the option to work remotely all day this new technology is set to change the way this side of Guiones does business.

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