A nosara gem: Garza Beach

As word spreads regarding the great waves and rugged allure of Guiones, visitor numbers continue to increase annually. While the more adventurous travelers hit the road in search of other coastal attractions, it’s often the case that visitors leave with the impression that Guiones is the only beach in the area. Anyone who has relaxed over a sunset cocktail in Pelada Beach, or snorkeled in San Juanillo can tell you there’s a lot more to this section of the coastline than just Guiones. One such treasure is located only a fifteen minute drive South down route 160.

Although well known to locals and resident expats, particularly surfers seeking big waves and sport fishermen looking for the catch of their lives, Garza Beach still remains under the radar. This is unfortunate because the 4km arc of golden sand along the shores of Garza Beach is one of the few places where visitors can enjoy the calm pacific waters with hardly another soul in sight. The still, crystal clear waters are an untapped treasure trove for snorkelers, divers, kayakers and stand up paddlers.

Garza Beach is also the epicenter of the local fishing industry. Tall rocky headlands to the north and south of the bay make Garza Beach a natural harbor. This is evidenced by the fleet of fishing boats waiting to take groups of fishermen out to the horizon to reel in the fish of their dreams. Garza town itself is a small, sleepy fishing village which is the heart of local cattle ranch culture.

Here you’ll find a variety of interesting, welcoming local characters. Many often relaxing in one of simple restaurants that line the shore. Places to eat include Bahia Garza – a stunning oceanfront with amazing cocktails, fish dishes, and wood-fired brick oven pizzas. Pilo’s: a rustic traditional restaurant serving local cuisine. Playa Garza hotel: in addition to serving great Italian food also offers accommodation.

Ready to buy your property in Garza?

With so many beauty it’s easy to understand why the hills overlooking Garza have become a favored spot for real estate investments. If you happen to be among these then there’s good news. Check out HERE the most exciting real estate opportunity in Garza Beach. Here you will find the listing for the premier lot in the upscale Vista Royal gated community.

Different views of Garza Beach, Nosara


2 thoughts on “A nosara gem: Garza Beach

  1. Brian Wruble says:

    I was wondering how to find locals to take us out fishing. Im not looking for a large outfit that makes the majority of the $, and pays the guides pennies on the dollar. Id rather use a local who can put us on some fish and put the $ we spend into their own pockets.

  2. Brooke lykke says:

    What about a small private wedding on the beach in Garza Beach. We have a spot where we first took our first picture there and it would only be us and someone to officiate and maybe a friend or two, but t I doubt it.

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