Halloween in Nosara

Given the hot, sticky weather, the lack of seasonal crowds, and the limited amount of stores to shop for specialty items, it would easy to assume that Halloween in Nosara isn’t much of a big deal. Well, think again. Although Halloween in Nosara may not be celebrated on quite the same scale as other countries the US influence in the town means that it’s actuall one of the biggest, most anticipated parties of the year. In fact Nosarans take Halloween very seriously and go to some serious lengths to ensure they make the best of what they have in both costume and party options.

To anyone living in Nosara, or planning to be here on October 31st, here’s a quick guide to making your night as fun as possible.



Halloween in Nosara Costa RicaWhen it comes to Halloween, there’s only one name you need to know: El Chivo. El Chivo is a lively, fun Mexican Bar and restaurant that has developed almost cult status with locals and visitors. Usually, it’s reputation comes off the back of it’s incredible Tacos, formidable tequila selection, and great live music. However, on Halloween its known as the go to spot for the entire town.



Didn’t arrive with the necessary gear to make a costume for the night? Don’t panic. There’s a few ways in which you can improvise. First place to check is Hot Tamale consignment store located on the main street next to Colibri tennis club. This place stocks a huge range of cool, affordable new and used clothing. If they don’t have the exact garment to match then maybe you can get creative with some of the things in stock. Additionally, there’s a few clothing shops in Nosara town with something that may fit the bill.

If all else fails then there’s countless ideas on the internet for improvised costume ideas. It’s amazing what you can put together with cardboard, tape, glue, time and a little lateral thinking. As a last resort simply attend in your normal day wear and cover yourself in fake blood. If there’s none of this available there’s a ton of different ways you can put it together from household materials.

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