NOSARA Health Services

Paradise Medical Services

Phone:(506) 2682-0942 / 2682-1212
Services available include general medicine and minor surgery for adults, women and children, medical checkups.
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Osteopathy & Reflexology Nosara

Phone:(506) 8532 4626
4 hands gentle manual treatment for pain reflief and relaxation.
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Nosara Dental

Phone:(506) 2682-0942
Nosara can have a beautiful smile with the help of our dentists! They’re always ready to make everyone smile.
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Tica Massage

Phone:(506) 2682-0096
Tica Massage has been offering health services in Nosara for years, with experienced therapists.
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Nosara Functional Fitness

Phone:(506) 8561-6648
We are an experienced team of trainers interested in motivating and guiding individuals to optimal physical performance.
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Dra. Kattia Porras

Phone:(506) 2682-0404

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