Hidden Gems of Nosara

Barco Quebrado

Barco Quebrado, one of the hidden gems, which translates as “broken boat”, sits a few km south of Playa Garza. If you don’t know where you’re going it can be a tough place to find. But with a bit of local knowledge to guide you you’ll get there eventually. Surrounded by tall rocky cliffs to the north and south, this beautiful white sand cove is perfect for swimming and relaxing. The crystal clear blue waters also make this a popular place with both snorkelers and scuba divers. Due to it’s relative remoteness you may often find yourself to be the only person on the beach. And if you’re looking for the perfect location in which to unwind surrounded by ocean, sand, blue waters and cliffs then you should definitely put a trip to this beach on your to do list.

Off map mountain trails

Anyone who has looked down while flying into Nosara airport can see the network of trails through the surrounding mountain tops. Traveling along these trails to get a view of the local landscape is entirely possible if you know where to look. These trails pass everything from jungle, rain forest, towns and villages, coffee plantations, stunning panoramic views and much more. The bad news is that unless you know the exit and entry points to these mountain paths you’ll never get to see them. The good news is that nearly all of the Nosara tour guides are locals, and know these back routes in and out. Although hiking tours are available the optimal way in which to experience and make it in and out in a single day, are on wheels. Check out mountain biking or ATV operators in Nosara and ask if they cover these trails. 

Mangroves of the Rio Nosara

The biological diversity of this remote, under explored area is magical to behold. In addition, mangroves are the platform for an ecosystem reliant on the leaves and biomatter that they produce. Also, on the filters they contain to protect from contamination. Also they serve as a defense against riverbank and soil erosion. And in the thousands of years that they’ve been growing untouched, the mangrove system has produced some of the weirdest pattern structures you’ll find anywhere in nature. The best way to explore these areas are on a trip down the Nosara river. Do it either by kayak, boat, or stand up paddle board. Also, wildlife includes everything from monkeys to crocodiles so don’t forget your camera.

Nosara Trail System

Walk, run, horse ride, or bike around the nearly 20km of beach, jungle, mountain, and nature terrain of the Nosara Trail System. From Nosara Beach, running through Pelada Beach and on into South Guiones the well marked, signposted network of beach trails and jungle footpaths bypass rivers, swamps, virgin forest, and ocean shorelines. Most of all, the trail system is the product of many years of planning in a bid to get visitors off the beaten track. Anyone looking for a real, authentic Costa Rican experience should definitely make a day exploring the Nosara trails part of their itinerary.

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