7 Reasons to Learn Spanish in Nosara

When it comes to picking up Spanish, Nosara really isn’t the easiest place to learn. The sheer number of well educated Costa Rican residents equipped with near perfect English language skills often means that the opportunity to practice is far less than in many other Costa Rican and Central American locations. When trying to practice their most recently memorized verb conjugations and grammar, after realizing the local person they are communicating with speak perfect English, many visitors get frustrated and for the sake of convenience, revert back to their native tongue.

Although this saves time, and is less likely to lead to confusion, becoming a proficient speaker of Spanish can change and enhance ones Costa Rica experience dramatically. If that doesn’t rank as a sufficient source of motivation, here’s a list of other amazing attributes that learning Spanish, or indeed any other language can bring. In addition to making your Costa Rica experience more pleasurable,  a  little perseverance, study and practice can also provide you with the following benefits.

Improved memory

Lerning spanish NosaraThe brain is a muscle, plain and simple. Like any muscle, flexing it to the max requires exercise. The memorizing of rules, vocabulary and structure required to learn a foreign is the perfect workout to increase memory capacity. Studies have shown that bilingual people are better at remembering lists, sequences, patterns, directions, names and much more.




Enhance perception and filtering

A 2015 study from a Spanish University revealed that multilingual individuals are far better equipped at observing and absorbing their surroundings than their monolingual counterparts. When it comes to processing information they are also far more adept at being able to separate the relevant  from the irrelevant. Somehow, according to the study, these skills also make them able to sniff out misleading information and enhance their detective skills.

It makes you smarter

When you learn another language certain neurological pathways that have lain dormant suddenly come alive and begin processing previously unrecognized information. The net result is increased cognitive functioning which can add value in everything from basic problem solving, to planning, negotiation and more.

Become a better multi tasker

Laening Spanish in NosaraMultilingual individuals, particularly children, are experts are flipping back and forth between different patterns of speech, structure, and writing. Logically, it follows that this ability to juggle between various modes of thinking overlaps into all areas of cognitive functioning, thus making them great multitaskers who can go from one thing to the next with little preparation.

Improve your English

Although learning a foreign language sounds like an odd method of boosting ones powers of articulation and verbal presentation, many studies have proven that this is indeed the case. Foreign language studies force one to concentrate on grammar, conjugations, and sentence structure, which in turn boosts ones awareness of the countless ways in which language can be manipulated to infer meaning. In addition to making you a better speaker, writer, and editor, studies have shown it will also make you a far better listener.

Keep dementia at bay

Crazy as to may seem, the results of countless studies consistently indicate that the first signs of dementia and Alzheimers occurs in monolingual individuals at a younger age than in those who speak two or more languages.

Better decision making

We’ve already talked about how learning a foreign language can improve memory, multi tasking, and much more. The net result of this, which is confirmed by a study from the university of Chicago, is that bilingual people tend to make far more rational decisions, and are better equipped to weigh up the positive and negative factors in a more balanced, unbiased manner in both languages. This has the knock on effect of making multilinguals more confident in their choices, and thus happier in general.

If you want to start learning some phrases in Spanish to survive your first days in Nosara, here are some that you will probably hear as soon as you touch tico ground.


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