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Directions on how to get to Nosara Functional Fitness facilities Directions on how to get to Nosara Functional Fitness facilities


Nosara Functional Fitness is an experienced team of trainers interested in motivating and guiding individuals to optimal physical performance.

How we do it?

By taking the knowledge of all weʼve learned and studied and combining it with what we consider to be most important thing when it comes to creating a workout program… making

it fun, Nosara Functional Fitness has created an environment that will challenge you in a different way every time.

We love what we do, so we enjoy creating new sessions everyday that will motivate and inspire you. Our facility and staff is setup to practice all different styles of training. Whether you are interested inimproving your skill set in a specific sport or simply want to stay in shape.

We offer private sessions or scheduled group classes.


Functional training is based on movements that incorporate all of the major muscle groups as well as muscles you never knew you had. Practicing in these movements is helpful to in your everyday life as well as sports, maximizing the results in both cases.

In the specific area of fitness this is a very dynamic system. By using a wide variety of equipment like TRX, Kettlebells, Clubbells and other light elements, we are able to create a new session every time allowing us to eliminate routine factor. You will leave the class having been challenged in every way. Functional training is based on the total movement of the human body giving you the added benefit of accelerating your metabolism. This system is recognized worldwide and is used by both professional athletes to optimize performance as well as beginners trying to avoid injuries. We can create a fitness program to improve your overall physique and physical performance.


The TRX suspension training represents the evolution of functional training. It is an effective style of movement based on body weight with an aerobic workout  that will improve your physical appearance and will exercise the body to reach maximum results. Recovery times are short and that help to perform the activity every day.


Training with Kettlebells involves different muscle groups simultaneously. This increases performance and resistance. We work aerobic and anaerobic in most occasions, focusing in the strengthening of legs and abdominals.It will speed up the metabolism and promote fat burning. This side of functional training tones your muscles naturally and harmoniously.


This training is similar to Kettlebells: toning and burning body fat. It is highly recommended for surfers and swimmers as it helps to expand the chest and shoulder rotation. Broad movements help increase breathing capacity and strengthen the muscles that comprise the movement.



Nosara Functional Fitness can create a program to suit your specific needs and capabilities. Our first session will begin with an assessment of your level of fitness, finding out what your personal fitness goals are and how we can achieve them in the most creative way possible. Both custom and group classes have the same goal: to challenge your body to its next level.



Take a deep breath and enjoy your massage sorrounded by nature with a beautiful view on playa Guiones.

Cellulit Attack – Ultrasound massage

This intense localized anti-cellulite treatment is designed to make the skin feel more beautiful, to make the body feel tighter and firmer. I use a combination of manual work and ultrasound machine sessions.

The machine is a dual-frequency ultrasound generator, Physiotherapy and aesthetic. We can select the frequency of 1MHz to 3MHz treatment, expanding the therapeutic possibilities.

It is a crucial part in a weight loss programme, firming and toning muscles to reshape the body while offering the benefits of a controlled full body passive workout.

Relaxation Massage

This soothing massage reduces tension and enhances circulation throughout the body. Pressure can range from light to medium.

Surferʼs Massage

Whether you’re sore from surfing, this mega-muscle relaxing massage pinpoints your most painful parts.

Focal Point Massage

This massage is focus on specific area of discomfort or pain. 30min of therapy in as your foot, back, neck, hands or legs.

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to relieve pain, improve performance and increase mobility, this vigorous and refreshing treatment incorporates sports massage techniques, such as stretching, friction across muscle fibers and deep pressure to sore points.

Therapeutic Massage

Our Physical Therapist will work on any injury or chronic area that needs specialized care. Using deep tissue techniques and connective tissue manipulation. Our Therapeutic massage will help realign your body.


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