Why We Love Rainy Season in Nosara

It’s been written that Costa Rica’s high, or ‘dry’ season runs from November to April, and that the rest of the year is a rainy, waterlogged affair. While it’s true that rain makes its first appearances during May, it’s not until September and October that things get heavy.

We should dispel a notion held by many travelers thinking of visiting Costa Rica in rainy season. Many people mistakenly think that rainy season involves torrential 24/7 downpours that just don’t quit. It’s true that this happens, but it’s rare. Much more likely is that the mornings are bright and sunny, the rains begin mid afternoon, last for a few hours, and then cease just before sunset.

Anyone thinking of putting off a visit to Nosara during this period, because of what they heard or read about the weather is making a mistake. Even during September and October, when the rains are most persistent, Nosara is a beautiful place. For many, this is their favorite time of year. Not only is there still plenty of things to do, many feel this is the most peaceful time to be here. The waves are good, it’s not too hot or cold, and the jungle is beautiful. Here are 5 reasons we believe rainy season is a great time to visit Nosara.

rainy season nosara

1. No crowds

Although Nosara is far from a ghost town in September and October, the amount of visitors is still minimal. If you’re looking to find a tranquil spot on the beach with hardly anyone around to bother you, this is the time. However, the real benefits of having so few people around apply if you’re a surfer. At this time of year, the waves are fun, the lineup is empty and the water is still warm as ever.

2. Rainy season is ‘Green Season”

Rainy season is also called “green season,’ and when you arrive you’ll see why. Over the year, dust from Nosara’s road gets thrown up over the jungle flora, turning the trees a shade of gray. The rain comes, and washes this dust away, leaving the trees and plants dust free. In addition, the rain causes new jungle life to blossom. Flowers, trees and shrubs are in abundance, and so are the animals that live among them.

3. Prices drop

In high season, hotels are in the fortunate position where demand for accommodation often exceeds supply, allowing to charge much higher prices for rooms and services. In low season, the opposite is true. Nosara is known for its high quality luxury hotels, and rainy season is a great time to ask for a significant discount on a room.

4. The sunsets will blow your mind

With rain comes, clouds, mist, and all manner of atmospheric gases that you won’t find during the hotter and sunnier months. As the sun goes down, and its ray’s begin to refract off the ocean and earths lower atmosphere, the light show can often be absolutely spectacular. So beautiful are these moments that even pictures don’t do them justice. The only way to experience this is to come see for yourself.

5. Perfect weather

In dry season, unless the surf is ridiculously good, most locals don’t even set foot outside between the hours of 11am-2pm. Walking barefoot on the hot beach, let alone the street, is impossible. The plain fact is that during this time of year the midday sun can be just too hot to bear. This is not the case in rainy season, when being outside in the breeze, with the cloud cover is far more enjoyable.

sunset nosara

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