Mini Golf in Nosara

Known as “putt putt”, “mini golf”, “a cheap date”, or just a fun alternative to hours spent around a full size course chasing a tiny ball. Mini golf has been popular ever since it’s creation in the late nineteenth century. It’s history dates back to 1867, when entrance to world famous St Andrews course was restricted to male members only. Not to make the ladies feel excluded the owners of St Andrews created a miniature course where they can wait for their husbands return. Despite a lack of drain pipe see saws, loop the loops, and other obstacles this putting green remains the most prodigious of it’s type in the world.

In 1916 North Carolina native James Barber opened “Thistle Dhu”. The compact course featured, fountains, classical decoration and gardens, and spurned a movement which triggered the emergence thousands more mini golf courses around the country in the years that followed. During the great depression the popularity of this sport exploded when many keen golfers suddenly found their passion too expensive to be played out on full sized links.

Mini golf in Nosara:

It’s interesting to note that the original plans for Guiones included the construction of a full sized golf course. Luckily the town escaped this fate leaving in place many acres of beautiful jungle and woodland to enjoy. However, visitors looking to enjoy a round of golf need look no further. There´s a 18 hole course on the grounds of local restaurant, bakery, and hang-out spot: Cafe de Paris. And it’s granted, you will have a lot of fun working the ball around a surfboard, through a long, upward-angled tube, across a moat, over a bridge, and many other challenging obstacles.

When the waves are flat, “Jungle mini golf” has come to be regarded as a great way for the family to spend quality time in Nosara. The course is well shaded but also has night lights so you can play after dark. 

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