New Ambulance in Nosara

Whether it be ATVs, horse riding, surfing or any other local activities, Nosara is now established as one of Costa Rica’s leading adventure towns. However,  the occasional cost of these thrills are the resulting spills. When it comes to injury and sickness, Nosara is a fairly predictable place. Swimmers ear, sunburn, flu, surf gashes, occasionally even the odd case of dengue fever. Then there’s the other cases. The incidents which require immediate attention, and a level of medical technology that requires a trip to the city. Guiones Medical Center’s new ambulance is weapon to provide locals or tourists with the desperately needed medical services.

New ambulance now available for Nosara tourists and locals

As visitor numbers to Nosara increase so does the amount of patients walking through the doors of Guiones Medical Center. Although the majority of patients can be treated with nothing more than a few stitches or a trip to the pharmacy, occasionally there are those who require urgent access to medical facilities available only in the “city”. So it is precisely this group for whom the new ambulance is targeted. Also it has various emergency equipment including a heart monitor, intubation breathing equipment.

Previously, access to an ambulance service was provided by the Red Cross in downtown Nosara. Although they performed admirably, often their range was limited to the city of Nicoya. Where the emergency medical facilities still remain poor for those in need of more specialized treatment. Although Guiones Medical’s latest service has been in operation for only a short time it has already transported a number of patients to Nicoya, Liberia, and San Jose.

How to contact the new ambulance service?

Finally, anyone in need of this new ambulance service can rest assured that they’re in the best possible hands. During their trip to the city there will be a range of professional medical staff to support them. Although the Paradise Medical ambulance service has yet to be assigned an exclusive number this should be available in due course. In the meantime, it can be contacted through the office telephone (2682-1212) or on their emergency numbers (8865-7892 or 8823-1355).

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