No Plastic Nosara

If you haven’t heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch then it’s basically a titanic heap of plastic situated in the middle of the ocean consisting mainly of bottle caps, plastic bags, Styrofoam, and yes, you guessed it – single-use, disposable plastic water bottles. And, it’s getting bigger and bigger by the day.

In 2012 a mere 9% of plastic items produced worldwide that year were recycled. Although this is a marked improvement on previous years it remains woefully short of what’s needed, and the gap between plastic production and recovery remains huge. In 2013 roughly 299 million metric tons of plastic were produced – a four percent increase on the previous year. Researchers estimate that no less than eight million tons of this plastic ended up in the ocean.

Thankfully, things are changing. As their popularity plummets at an unprecedented pace western governments are slowly beginning to act on the growing environmental concerns of the electorate.  Beginning in 2020 France has pledged to ban plastic bags, cups, plates, and cutlery. Montreal and San Francisco are currently taking action to implement similar policies. Big cities are one thing, but what about the small towns – the kind of towns where the people claim they love the ocean and care about the fragile environment – towns like Nosara? 

stickernoplasticAs awareness concerning the harmful effects of plastic increases it is up to the people to quit relying on big government institutions and start doing their part, and many of them are doing just that. As part of its campaign to try and reduce plastic usage in Nosara the outlet store at Cafe De Paris, SHOP,  is offering a range of reusable, aluminum water bottles at a great price.  These unique water carriers are just as handy as the ones you toss in the garbage – with the added benefits of both style and sustainability. Additionally, any time you need a water refill Cafe De Paris Restaurant will provide this free of charge. So, as well being convenient and eco friendly the money you’ll save on repeated purchases of plastic water bottles will mount up quickly. These water bottles come in a range of different styles and colors and are now being offered at the discount price of only $10. Drop by Cafe De Paris today to pick one up. As well as having the coolest water bottle in town you’ll be doing your bit to help the environment.

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