How Nosara changes your life!

8 Ways Nosara Will Forever Change your Outlook on Life



Doing nothing is an end in itself

Hammock hangin in between palm trees in Guiones NosaraThe Italians have a phrase known ‘Dolce far niente’. This commonly used line translates simply to ‘the sweet art of doing nothing’. Whether doing nothing translates to sitting in the ocean waiting for a wave, sitting around a fire looking at the night stars, meditating in silence, or simply hanging out of a hammock on the terrace, this kind of stillness can often be enough to create a sense of accomplishment in a day well spent. Although some may find that fighting the puritan work ethic learned at an early age can often be as tough as going to the gym, after a while, you may realize that this kind of stillness vastly enhances ones ability to fully engage in life. The ‘pura vida’ essence of Nosara, along with the beautiful weather, abundant wildlife, and calming ambiance is the kind of environment which once experienced, may change the way you look at what it means to be ‘lazy.’

A natural sleep cycle

In 1667, Paris became the first city in the world to use street lamps. This was followed by Amsterdam 2 years later. Within 2 decades all major European cities had night time lighting. Night time suddenly became fashionable and spending hours lying in bed was considered a waste of time which could be better spent working or socializing. The invention of this type of lighting effectively ended a sleep cycle that had evolved in humans over thousands of years. In recent decades many scientists have presented evidence that this huge change was one of the most damaging in human history. It’s now common knowledge  that in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, getting enough restful sleep is the most important thing you can do for your health. It’s this kind of life changing, naturally cycled restful sleep that many people who move to Nosara claims changes their lives in ways they never imagined. In an early to bed, early to rise kind of place like Nosara, which boasts fun daily activities and experiences including the option of a restful daytime siesta, a good nights sleep, with no alarm call but the howler monkeys can completely alter your perspective on both nature, and on your own personal world. If you’ve never experienced the mood enhancing, energy boosting qualities inherent in  allowing your body to work, rest and play in tune with nature then you’re  missing out.

Phobias will be no more

Thunders at the beach in NosaraThe raw nature of Nosara comes in many different shapes and sizes. Snakes, creepy crawlies, surf that will make your heart pound, dark nights, power outages, formidable thunder and lightning storms, and much, much more. However, with time and experience, certain things which were once the source of fear will often become a source of wonder. The bugs you hated will become little more than mildly antagonistic, the lightning storms will become one of the most beautiful natural art forms imaginable, the power outages will be an excuse to get cozy, and with any luck the waves once thought to be impossible will become a living canvas on which to carve fun lines.



“Time” is relative

Its no secret that most Americans and Europeans like punctuality. In some cases, sometimes as soon as you leave the plane and set foot on Costa Rican soil, it becomes evident that ticos, or local Costa Ricans like to get things done in their own time, hence the phrase “tico time.” The phrase is used to describe the relaxed, casual attitude Costa Ricans have about getting something done at the exact moment they were supposed to. As more and more foreigners influence Costa Rica this practice has been in slow  decline, however, Tico Time lives on still. This can be a source of annoyance to expat travelers psychologically trained by a system where punctuality is key, and ‘time is money.’ However, eventually, as you wind down and relax into easy going pace of Nosara your desire to live by your watch will become less desperate. Your meeting may take place 10 minutes late, but luckily, no one will mind. And lets’ face it, that’s exactly the kind of lifestyle most expats move here to escape in the first place.

The “land of the free” is more than just a rallying cry

The word ‘freedom’ is described by the dictionary as: “The condition of being free of restraints, especially the ability to act without control or interference by another or by circumstance.” To this end, Costa Rica is maybe the closest thing to a true “Land of the Free” that exists on the planet, most closely typified by towns like Nosara. In Nosara, as long as you’re not interfering negatively with the lives of others you can literally do what you please. Granted, most people have to work, or shop, or engage in certain things to keep life running smoothly. Outside of that, personal freedom is abundant, and comes in all shapes and sizes ranging from the freedom to drink too much and jump in the rodeo ring with an enraged bull, to the freedom to work remotely from a local cafe or by the shores of the Playa Guiones tide pools. In a short time, people who decide to live here realize that this type of liberty creates the kind of tranquility that extends both inwards and outwards.

You’ll begin to question your identity for the better

For the majority of people, Nosara is the kind of place where you’re judged not by the strength of your bank balance, or your job, or your city-slicker wits, but on your actions. Packing up a life in ones home country to move to the remote shores of Costa Rica requires the courage to take the plunge into the unknown. As such, the expat community consists of authentic, confident people who know that the only way to get by is by being friendly, welcoming, and always being ready to pitch in and lend a hand. It’s the kind of town where hedge fund moguls mix freely with surf instructors in a judgment free environment where you’re worth is judged by your attitude. In such a unique environment it’s only natural to expect to make the kind of friends and acquaintances you’d never otherwise meet in your home town. This in turn can often result in some eye-opening, sometimes life changing encounters.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga at Guiones Beach, NosaraNot only do organic foods work wonders for the body and physical energy levels but they also taste a helluva lot better than food many expats find on the shelves back home. In addition to the regular organic farmers markets, Nosara boasts a wealth of off-map locales, such as small family farms, family run grocery stores, and local merchants all selling some of the tastiest, most nutritious food available. Combine this with the kind of healthy lifestyle on offer via surfing, yoga, tennis and countless other pursuits and before long you may well find yourself to be in the best shape of your life.



You’ll be a happier person……period!

It could be the warm weather, tropical environment, natural abundance, and great food. It could be the fact that the “pura vida” lifestyle is far more than simply a cliché. Maybe it’s the unlimited hiking trails, great surfing waves, or the holistic activities such as yoga and meditation. Maybe it’s the fact that Nosara is brimming with cool people, and many friends you’re yet to meet. Most likely it’s a combination of all these factors and many more. Either way the end result is the same. Nosara is more than just a town. It’s a way of life. It’s a constant reminder to relax, let things go, and be constantly grateful for what’s around you. And while it may not suit absolutely everyone, anyone looking for a place in which you can truly enjoy the good life will fall in love immediately.


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