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It’s widely agreed that when it comes to shopping options Playa Guiones high remains a far cry from 5th Avenue. Fortunately, that’s the way the vast majority of visitors like it. Despite the absence of a Wal-Mart Nosara still boasts all the types of stores necessary to cater to the practical needs of both visitors and locals. Surf shops, a scattering of cool arts and craft stores, cafes and restaurants offering everything from smoothies to local casados, even a range of services including realty,  medical and legal. In short, there’s more than enough stores to assure visitors access to all the creature comforts they could need and more.

However, the residents of Playa Guiones are nothing if not enterprising and once in a while a creative individual comes along and spots a gap in the market, which is exactly what’s been done by the team at the Cafe De Paris bakery and restaurant. Anyone familiar with the bakery will know that for a long time the upper floor at the rear of the building served as an internet cafe – a service which due to the rise in smart phones is becoming increasingly obsolete. In a bid to maximize this prime location it’s been decided by the owners that this space will now be home to a brand new store selling a variety of items. These include locally branded hats, T shirts, souvenirs, postcards, water bottles mugs and other items. Also, and to the relief of many in the community the Cafe De Paris shop will stock certain items that could previously only be acquired out of town such as electronics, waterproof phone cases, chargers and more. It will also serve as a hub for tourist information, and as the reservations and concierge headquarters for many of Playa Guiones rental properties including Nosara suites. The new Cafe De Paris shop is open 7 days a week, 7am – 5pm.




One thought on “ SHOP is here!

  1. CIndy Bass says:

    Who does someone contact if they want to get products into the store? BTW< great idea!

    I am on the Board of Anemones de Nosara, and we would LVOE To sell T-shirts, colouring books and coffee there…. all Nosara Branded!

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