Nosara Escape – Now double the fun

It’s now been over a year since a group of Nosara youngsters came together to create a unique activity that would break the traditional Nosara mould of surfing, yoga, and other physical pursuits that challenge the body, but not so much the mind. The idea they came up with was Nosara Escape Room.

Escape Room in Nosara Costa RicaAlthough the idea was simple, the challenge itself was anything but easy. Without divulging too many of the secrets, the aim of the game was to escape from a surf shack by finding and decoding a series of clues, while racing against the clock. Among the clues were blinking lights, mystery scrolls and more. Those who successfully unlocked the rooms secrets were rewarded with the escape key. Mission accomplished!

Since it’s inception, Nosara Escape has received volumes of glowing reviews, and is now considered a must-do activity for both visitors and residents. So popular was the Escape Room challenge, that the masterminds who created it decided to build a second escape room in the adjacent building.

You may be wondering why the  Escape Room became so immediately popular with visitors and tourists alike. The only way to find out is to get in touch and give it a go. You won’t regret it, particularly if your surfed out and seeking a challenge to get your cognitive motor revving.

The second Nosara escape room truly is a unique experience. It involves 2-6 players, secret objects, and lots of teamwork, all of which takes place in a space that looks like something from Bladerunner. If you’re looking for a strategic, interactive experience to enjoy with friends then Nosara escape room fits the bill perfectly.

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