Costa Ricas finest export – coffee

Nosara finally gets a taste of Costa Ricas finest export

It’s stimulating, rich, hot, and will keep you up all night? Yup, you guessed it – coffee. And if you’re reading this, then chances are you’re currently one of the countries where this is the most important export product.

Productions in Costa Rica began in the 17th century, when the government offered free land to farmers to grow and harvest the plants. This was crucial to transform Costa Rica to a city based nation with large scale production and export. By the turn of the 20th century Costa Rican “golden bean” growers were prominent members of society.

“Tarrazu Geisha”, described as “mildly intense, with a fruity chocolate aftertaste”, became the most expensive beverage in Starbucks. In 2006 coffee was declared Costa Rica’s number 3 export, where hundreds of thousands of tons are sent annually to Europe, the United States and beyond.

Where to find high quality coffee in Nosara?

Costa Rica deserves it’s status as one of the planet’s leading coffee growers. Therefore, both Nosara residents and visitors wonder the same thing: why is it so difficult to get served a truly great cup of coffee here? People say that these legendary coffee beans, are shipped abroad to satisfy the palates of western coffee fanatics.

While an inability to find a top notch cup of coffee in Nosara may until recently been the case, things have now changed for the better thanks to the enterprising spirit of a Nosara ex-pat determined to showcase the true taste of Costa Rica’s finest offering.

One good option is Beach Blend. This little shop is located at the hardware store. Nosara resident Gary Blank owns and operates it and it opened it’s doors earlier in the year. Since then it has garnered customers for it’s selection of  product, ranging in strength from the almost imperceptibly mellow to the seriously strong. Also, they always stocks a minimum of 8 different brands of home grown coffee; all hand selected by the owner. They are open Mon-Sat (and Sundays in high season) from 6am. Call 2682 1234.

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