Nosara Hidden Gems – Part 2

Playa Pelada bat caves Playa Pelada bat caves
Playa Pelada tide pools Playa Pelada tide pools
Barco Quebrado Barco Quebrado
Playa Barrigona Playa Barrigona
Nosara trails Nosara trails
Nosara organic farm Nosara organic farm
Nosara biological reserve Nosara biological reserve

North Pelada Bat Cave

As Nosara and Playa Guiones grow in popularity, finding a secluded beach spot, and enjoying the solitude without having to wander too far is becoming more and more difficult. However, if you know where to look, there exists a few locations where it’s still possible to enjoy a sunset or a swim with the possibility you may be the only one around.

One of these places is North Pelada. As well as tide pools, blow holes, and calm swimming areas, there’s also a place where some of Nosara’s more elusive animals literally hang out. The ‘bat cave’ at the end of North Pelada may take a little exploration to find, but is a great opportunity to watch these airborne rodents come alive and take flight as the sun goes down.

Pelada Tide Pools

On the opposite side of Pelada Beach from the bat cave is South Pelada. Although much busier, there is something here which, due to it’s hidden location on the far end of the rocky outcrop, goes frequently unnoticed. Unlike the Guiones tide pools, which are wide bodies of water and easily accessible, the tide pools at Pelada have unique features, and a character all of their own. Essentially, they are tributaries running along, through, and in some places underneath the expansive rock shelf that spans the southern end of the beach. They are home to crabs, small fish, and other marine creatures, and are a great spot to relax, and float away the day undisturbed.

Secret Beaches

Other than Playa Garza, it’s easy to assume that not much in the way of beach terrain exists between Playa Guiones and Playa Samara. Not true! The same goes for the stretch of coastline between Playa Ostional and Playa Marbella. Although Playa San Juanillo is a fairly well known hotspot, there exists a good number of beaches that most visitors to the area pass by without knowing of their existence. Usually, this is the case because they aren’t visible from the road, making them difficult to find unless one knows where to look. Again, the same rule applies to the South. The stretch of coastline between Playa Garza and Playa Samara is also home to a number of low profile, stunningly beautiful stretches of sandy beach that very few get to visit. To find these spots, it’s best to either get the help of a local, or get on google earth to see what you’re missing. If you’re in the mood for an adventure, and don’t mind trekking through some unknown jungle terrain, the rewards can be significant.

Playa Barrigona

Although Playa Barrigona does not fall strictly into the ‘secret beach’ category, it’s remote location, and difficulty of access still makes it a prime spot in which to enjoy the secluded beauty of the local coastline. At the end of the trek down the dirt road, visitors will find clear turquoise waters, golden powdery sand, and often some fast, challenging waves to surf (be aware of the submerged rocks.)

Coming from samara, the turnoff for Playa Barrigona is 1 km off the main road that goes to Nosara. A trip to Barrigona requires taking all you’ll need with you, as there’s nothing around for miles. It’s strongly advised not to leave valuables in the car

Nosara Trails

The Nosara trail system encomplasses 18km of beach and jungle, and offers visitors and locals the opportunity to walk, run, horse ride and bike from Nosara Beach, all the way through Pelada Beach and into Guiones through a secluded network of well-marked footpaths. The terrain includes ocean view shorelines, flowing river, dense jungle and swamp mangroves. They are a great way to get off the beaten track and explore some undiscovered natural wonders.

Organic Farm

Lovers of freshly picked, nutritious, organic food should check out the small organic farm situated off the dirt track running along the Nosara airstrip. Here you can find lettuce, tomatoes, all kinds of local fruits, and more at great prices.

The ecological reserve

The ecological reserve forms the expansive backdrop of Playa Nosara, and is probably the most pristine area of natural terrain to be found anywhere in the local area. For anyone in search of an adventure without having to wander too far from from civilization, the ecological reserve is a great option. Inhabitants include howler monkeys, snakes, lizards, all types of mammals, hundreds of bird species, along with hundreds of different types of flowers and plants.

If you’re interested in knowing more amazing places in Nosara check our first part of Nosara Hidden Gems!

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