Nosara living: benefits of living near the water

The call of the ocean

Living near the water is one of the many luxuries that Nosara offers. While a move to the coast can be amazing for any number of reasons, it’s the following ones that two make living near the water so truly special.

Emotional value

Living in Nosara Costa RicaMany Nosara residents will happily attest to the fact nothing beats waking up to the serenity of knowing that the ocean is a mere stones throw away. No matter if you live in a place overlooking, or near the ocean, or simply on a canal boat, a waterfront property enhances the lives of it’s residents. For those who have never experienced the joys of waterfront living this may be a sentiment difficult to understand. But for the lucky ones who have, there is no price tag that can be placed on the quality of life it provides.


Monetary value

Accounting for over 70% of the earths surface water is not a scarce commodity, however land that can accommodate waterfront homes is not quite as abundant. Homes near bodies of water are typically worth much more than their landlocked counterparts. In Nosara all homes are nearer to the ocean than in many places, however the fact remains – the closer to the ocean you are, or the better the ocean view from your home the more it will be worth at market.

Health benefits

Nosara Costa RicaAnyone who lives near the water instinctually feels  the health benefits such a lifestyle offers, and probably doesn’t need to look at data to convince them. Those in doubt should check out the findings of a team of researchers from Exeter University who investigated the effects of coastal living on peoples health. They found living near to the ocean reduces stress, promotes relaxation and significantly improves ones sense of well being.

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