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A small, Pacific coastal town in a remote corner of Costa Rica's Guanacaste region, blessed with a stunning natural beauty unlike anywhere on earth.

Despite it's wealth of natural treasures Nosara's enduring magic can be largely attributed to the pioneering developmental approach taken by the founders of the American Project in the late 1970s. The first people to plant flags were an eclectic mix of surfers, yogis and environmentalists. Their enduring efforts, often in the face of significant opposition, to manifest a vision of responsible, ecologically aware development is the reason that Nosara has successfully sidestepped the usual pitfalls of progress.

With a seemingly endless array of biodiversity, great people, a perfect climate, world class surf, verdant jungle and palm fringed white sand beaches it's little wonder that more and more people are targeting Nosara as their chosen vacation destination. In addition to Nosara being the perfect spot for those looking to relax and rejuvenate it's also a town famed for good times, exhilarating adventures and memories to last a life time.

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