Nosara Trails

Rolling down the road from the Gilded Iguana to the beach you notice something new. It’s a trail marker. Maybe you saw the trail entrance before, but you’re not sure. Seems like now that someone has gone to the trouble of marking it, is time to explore all of the Nosara Trails.

So if you’ve walked down the road leading to North Guiones lately you may have noticed a map. Indeed, you may have noticed similar signs appearing in various parts of Guiones in previous months.

Therefore, if you’ve not yet stopped to take a look, then these new Nosara info boards were put there to raise awareness regarding the secluded wonders of Nosara trails system.

Map at a trail entrance in Nosara
Nosara trail in rainy season
Trail surrounded by nature
New trail in Guiones downtown
Signs and indication at a trail in Guiones

Seems like the trail from the North entrance invites you to partake on an under-explored walk through the natural environment before dropping you out back on familiar turf by the Pelada tennis courts, but that’s just the start.

Also, encompassing 18km of beach, jungle, and nature terrain the Nosara Trail System means visitors and locals can now walk, run, horse ride and bike from Nosara Beach, all the way through Pelada Beach and into Guiones through a secluded network of well-marked beach trails and jungle footpaths.

In addition, the trails take in ocean view shorelines, flowing river, dense jungle and swamp mangroves. And all were designed to give visitors the opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore some undiscovered natural wonders.

In conclusion, the trail system is the result of extensive planning and hard work by the NCA, and although it remained in the planning stages for a while the fruits of their labor are now ready and waiting for nature lovers looking to partake in an authentic Nosara experience.

So, ready to roam these trails? Learn more about some of the bird species you will find!

Trail Map(Download)

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