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In 1947, during the post-war economic struggles that blighted many parts of Europe, Corradino d’Ascario, an Italian aircraft designer at Piaggio and inventor of the Vespa came up with a novel idea building a low cost, lightweight means of transport to power the countries economic reconstruction. A short time later the worlds first Tuk Tuk, the Piaggio Ape, was seen around the the Italian streets. Nowadays, from Delhi to Bangkok the Tuk Tuk is considered one of the cheapest, most efficient ways of transport. They are also spoted spotted in the streets of northern Europe.

Any visitor to Nosara who’s ever tried to hire a taxi for a short distance will understand how difficult this can be. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before this market gap filled. And since their introduction, Nosara Tuk-Tuk services are rapidly becoming one of the favored methods of transport. They are a more affordable alternative to regular taxis and people use them to transport goods from stores out of Guiones. And don’t let their humble outward appearance fool you. Tuk Tuks are more powerful than they look. They can adapt to almost every condition the Nosara roads can throw at them (overflowing rivers not included!).

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As the number of Nosara Tuk-Tuk services has increased it has become one of the staple means of transport for those who’d rather not rent an ATV just to get to the supermarket and back. Here you can find all you need to ensure a Tuk Tuk will arrive at your door when needed.

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