The best views of the Nosara coastline

It’s not hard to find an elevated spot from which to view the stunning natural coastline that surround the Nosara area. However, it you know where to look, there’s a bunch of viewing spots that few people ever get to see. Here is a few of them.

Hidden trails off Ruta 160

Playa San Juanillo to the North, and Playa Samara to the South is a distance of only around 30km, as the crow flies. Other than the obvious beaches such as Ostional, Playa Garza, and of course, Playa Guiones, the vast majority of the terrain along this stretch of coast consists of areas that very few people ever get to visit. In fact, the stretch of coastline between Playa Garza and Playa Samara is home to a number of low profile, stunningly beautiful stretches of cliff-covered coastline, many of which offer views of some strikingly beautiful locations. Unfortunately, they aren’t easy to find, and most lie at the end of trails which aren’t even marked. To find these spots, it’s best to either get the help of a local, or get on google earth to see what you’re missing. If you’re in the mood for an adventure, and don’t mind trekking through some unknown jungle terrain, the rewards can be amazing.

Las Huacas Mountain

There’s a good reason Las Huacas mountain is home to many of the more upmarket private residences in Playa Guiones. When it comes to coastal views, Las Huacas mountain is the first spot that comes to mind. Although many of the viewing platforms have been built upon, there still exists a whole bunch of different spots where one can enjoy stunning views of Playa Guiones, without fear of trespassing on someone’s private land.

San Juan Mountain

San Juan mountain is larger, higher, and far more widespread than Las Huacas mountain. However, although highly accessible, to reach the foothills of San Juan mountain, and then take the drive or hike to reach the summit requires a little more effort. San Juan mountain can be accessed from the back roads of Garza to the South. However, the easier, and much closer option is to enter through Arenales village. Once on the road, it’s a ten minute drive to the top, which is marked by a series of stunning views of Playa Guiones and beyond. Due to San Juan mountain’s height, on a clear day it’s possible to see many miles to the north and south, with views stetching as far as Samara and even Tamarindo.

D Section

While heading South directly from Playa Guiones, the first right turn you come to is the entry to Las Huacas mountain. The second turn will take you into D Section. The winding road to the top of this hill will bring you to an area that boasts some great views of the surrounding coastline. Like Las Huacas, although most of the viewing areas have been used for residential development, there remains a few spots where one can take in stunning views of the surrounding coastline.

Pelada Point

Nowadays, Pelada Point is easily recognized by the Costa Rican flag recently planted out there. Although getting out to the point is straightforward enough, the journey may, depending on the tides, require a little rock climbing, so best to wear shoes, or at least sandals.

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