Nosara’s D Section

In the late 1960s, frustrated at the rising prices of land in the Caribbean, a US property developer began searching for another location to continue his business. A visit to Guiones was enough to convince him he had found the right spot. After buying a large section of the surrounding area he hired New York’s brightest marketing minds to sell it via upmarket north American publications. Soon after, the slice of paradise only a handful of locals knew, hit the headlines. Readers of the New York Times became enamored with what they saw. And the development of what would become known as “The American Project” began.

The first major achievement came in the  form of a fleet of ocean barges carrying building materials that would later form the towns first construction project – The Gilded Iguana. This episode marked the first phase of construction in what would gradually take shape as the tourist town of Nosara.

Back then the owners decided that the best way to organize the development was to divide the area into sections: from Section A to R. For homeowners, and land or property buyers the most attractive section in which to purchase was the one that remains to this day one of the most desirable locations in which to own a Nosara Home. EE section is the name of the area that covers Las Huacas mountain. This area is home to some of the most incredible views in the area, and it’s not difficult to see why this part of town has become the favored location for those with the money to spend on land purchase and construction. Nowadays, buildable land on Las Huacas is rare and owners will not let go of it easily. However, for those who want to own an Ocean view property in Nosara all is not lost. There is also an area of mountain land which features some of the best views on the market. Located midway between Guiones Beach and Pelada lies D section.

The history of this area dates way back to the beginnings of the American Project. It was here that locals erected the first communications tower. Although smaller than Las Huacas the views are equally stunning. And there still exists some opportunities to purchase the home of their dreams, with spectacular views, at a decent price.

The properties situated on the D-section all offer stunning Pacific views. From here you can check the surf, watch monkeys and look out over the green jungle canopy. With increased investment, and significant renovations taking place, the D Section is becoming a popular choice with home buyers looking to invest in an up and coming neighborhood.

Looking for a new home?

If the idea of owning a home in this beautiful part of Nosara is something that appeals you, then a great place to start would be to check out Real Estate Section. Here you’ll find details of a great property known as the “Hollywood House”. A charming, multi-story residence just waiting for the right buyer to come along.














For more information on all the amazing properties available in Nosara, check out our Real Estate section.




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