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Raw Flavor – Dining Options in the Nosara Organic Food Scene

The consumption of fresh, high-quality food served in its purest form offers a truly unique tasting experience. The textures, colors, not to mention the incredible tastes of such products can be intense, filling, and very satisfying. Once considered a tree-huggers niche market, the organic food movement has been gaining rapid momentum among consumers in the last decade. Organic, and in many cases vegetarian dishes are now moving firmly into the mainstream. So, in a town famed for it’s organic approach not just to food, but to everyday life it’s no surprise that the demand for organic food in Nosara grows stronger with each passing day. And when that town happens to be located in a region awash with farms, fruit trees, and fertile soil it’s only natural that the net result will equate to something pretty special. Here is the guide to the organic food and restaurant scene in Nosara. We hope you enjoy reading as much as you’ll love whats on the menu.

Robins – Guiones Main Street

Robins organic food and ice creamsSince it’s opening in 2006 Robin’s Ice cream and Cafe has been a favored staple for surfers, yogis, tourists and locals looking to enjoy delicious, health-conscious dishes in a convenient, comfortable and relaxed environment. The extensive menu lists a whole range of organic options lovingly prepared with fresh local ingredients. These include wraps, sandwiches and soups. However, Robins’ reputation isn’t built around the savory dishes alone. The hand scooped ice cream is famed around town for a reason, and after sampling it you’ll understand why this place has built up a loyal clientele who return year after year. Robins is small, open cafe in the center of Playa Guiones main street. It offers free wifi, newspapers and magazine, and it’s a great spot to watch the world go by.



Naked Foods Plant Based Cafe – Pelada

organic sandwiches at naked foodsWhen it comes to the history of organic food production in Nosara one name stands out among them all. Jan Paul Kahlan, locally known as “JP” was born in Miami, Florida to an Ecuadorian mother and an Argentinian father. He hit the road 16 years ago, and since landing in the Nosara area he has made it his mission to provide the community with some or the healthiest, freshest, and by far the tastiest organic and vegan food in town. From humble beginnings,  his food company Naked Foods has steadily risen to a place where it now thrives on reputation alone. Since its inception, although Naked Foods has taken on varying incarnations in different locations the food has remained as consistent as ever. A short while ago he set up shop on the main Pelada road close to the gelateria, and Naked Foods Plant Based Cafe is now the go to spot for anyone wishing to indulge in a range of organic, vegan culinary creations. These include the “Bliss Beanburger,” and the outstanding “Proper Whopper,” (eggplant, wheatberry, and mushroom patty topped with coconut bacon and wedged between a vegetable bun.) In addition to the dehydrated treats and raw chocolate offerings Naked Foods is famed for (check out the famed cacao fudge) there’s also a huge selection of cold pressed juices.


Naked foods – Mobile

teastCold pressed juices – nut, almond, cashew, coconut, and peanut butters – dehydrated Costa Rican tropical fruits – super food snacks – energy bars – cookies, and last but not least raw chocolate treats and the incredible cacao fudge. All of these offerings and more come from JP, the aforementioned founder of Naked foods and owner of the Naked Foods Plant Based Cafe in Pelada. In addition to the restaurant, Naked Foods is a valued provider of raw, vegan, unprocessed foods to outlets including Olo Alaia, Minisuper Delicias, Organico, Robins Cafe, Bodhi Tree and Blue Spirit.



Harmony Restaurant / Juice Bar – Guiones Main Street

harmony organic juice bar nosaraFor a hotel that was conceived and built on organic, sustainable operating principles you’d expect the dining options to follow suit, and it has. Many of the dining options in both the restaurant and the juice bar at the Harmony Hotel contain ingredients sourced from their organic farming project. Options include fresh hand picked salads, sandwiches served on home made multi-grain bread, muffins, and a delicious range of smoothies and juices squeezed from locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables. Additionally, if there’s anything left on your plate it will be taken away, composted, and used as organic fertilizer for the farm.



Jasmine’s Kitchen at the Living Hotel  – North Guiones

Some time ago Jasmine Jewels left Vancouver for Costa Rica. After lanfing in Santa Teresa she instantly fell in love with raw, natural beauty of Costa Rica. Although always a health-conscious person it was after becoming a mother that she decided to take cooking natural, organic food seriously. Jasmine has now been in Costa Rica 15 years, and what began as a passion has since become a successfujasminel career. Built around the philosophy of food as both medicine, and as the platform for living life to it’s fullest Jasmines offerings have undergone a range of different incarnations, the latest being the much loved, wildly popular “Jasmines Kitchen.” Located in the serene environment of the Living Hotel. Dishes include delicious granola bowls, the Shashuka chickpeas, spinach, eggs, rice, triple seed bread served in a skillet), the hugely popular veggie burger, cold soba noodle salad, and the Thai style  sweet potato chick pea burger, all made from organic, local, vegetarian ingredients. In the unlikely event these don’t fill you up try ordering a side of artesan fies (rosemary roasted garlic potato wedges  or smoked paprika yucca chips.) There’s also an extensive drinks menu featuring cold pressed juices, espressos, coffees, and specialty lattees made from cashew, almond, and coconut milk. Additionally the superfood smoothies are incredible. Check out the wired monkey (cacao powder, nibs, espresso, banana, almond milk) or the Sanito (tumeric, ginger, lemon pineallple, orange juice.)



The Naked Purple Elephant Restaurant – Bodhi Village (Under Construction)

For some time now rumors have been trickling in concerning a joint venture aimed at creating an organic food restaurant to top them all. Those rumors are true. Enter the “Naked Purple Elephant Restaurant” at the soon to be operating “Bodhi Village.” This much anticipated eatery was dreamed up by Naked Foods owner Jan Paul Kahlan, and David Intonato – owner of  The Purple Elephant New York. Located in the grounds of the former Nosara Yoga Institute the restaurants mission statement is “to offer a world class fine dining restaurant that serves up an eclectic range of  plant based cuisine”. The 100% organic, locally sourced ingredients will serve as the platform for  all meals served throughout the day. However, it’s after sunset that things really begin to heat up in the kitchen. Expect dishes such as grilled vegetable “Filet Mignon”, Rawvioli, Roasted Cauliflower Steak Au Poivre, Tempeh Bolognese and the nut cheese plate. In the unlikely event that this doesn’t fill you up there will also be a raw dessert selection custom engineered to set your taste buds ablaze.  In addition to organic coffees and teas the drinks menu will feature an extensive list of cold pressed juices, smoothies, kombucha, organic wines, local craft beer and a “clean cocktail” menu. The  Naked Purple Elephant Restaurant is set to be offering breakfast, lunch and dinner from June-July onwards. For more information and updates stay tuned to their social media pages. This sounds like a dining experience that you won’t want to miss.

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