The Pelada Dogs

Interview with the Pelada Dogs

A short while back Steve “Gandalf” Coan – long time Nosara resident, and lead maestro with local music outfit “The Pelada Dogs” decided it was time to head back to the United States after many years spent living, working and entertaining crowds in Nosara. This  laid the foundation for the breakup of the musical trio, and the news that never again would music fans be able to witness Steve Coan’s saga length guitar solos, Patrick Cooke’s crooning laments, or Daniel Brett’s frequent rhythmical gaffes came as what the Pelada Dogs themselves termed “a devastating blow to the local community”. Just prior to Gandalf’s departure took the opportunity to sit and and talk with the band to ask them about life, love, and the pressures of being the hottest act in the competitive, thriving world of the Playa Guiones music industry.
Pelada Dogs music band of Nosara


How long have you guys been in Nosara?

Daniel: 5 years

Patrick: 5 years

Steve: 16 years

What were your day jobs before you came here?

Daniel: Journalism and PR

Patrick: Musician

Steve: Stunt pilot

And what are your day jobs in Costa Rica?

Daniel: Writer

Patrick: Still a professional musician

Steve: Sibu Monkey Sanctuary

How did you guys meet?

Patrick: I’m sworn to secrecy on that one

Daniel: What Patrick said. That story should never be repeated, much less published

Steve: Gonna take that one to my grave.

You guys are kinda famous around town. Hows the rock star lifestyle treating you?  Tell me, is it all sex drugs and rock and roll?

Steve: Depends on your interpretation of Rock n’ Roll. If you mean days spent scouring the jungle for monkey food, and nights spent schlepping around a PA and a bunch of instruments then yes.

Paddy. If by sex, drugs and rock n roll you mean writing jingles in between paying bills and nights spent listening to the lame, repetitive jokes of these two buffoons then yes.

Daniel. If by sex, drugs and rock n roll you mean chicks dripping off of me like candle wax, rails the length of Playa Guiones and being the most talented percussionist north of the equator…then no.

If you three got into a fist fight who’d win?

Daniel: I’d never fight these two as the idea of being a solo act, even though I’d be awesome isn’t my thing. I’m also a pacifist, however, if it ever came down to that I’m taller, stronger, younger, quicker, and way sneakier so you do the maths.

Steve: Fist fight? Ha…Fist fights are for children. I could crush both of these guys with my words alone. Think Hannibal Lecter vs Miggs.

Patrick: My money would be on Gandalf. He really can use words to inflict crushing physical pain. It’s scary to see. Ask him what he said to the young girl playing on the beach who accidentally tripped over and cracked his Debbie Gibson CD. She’s probably still in therapy.

Steve. Tell me about the Debbie Gibson episode

Steve: That’s not something I wish to discuss and I want Paddy’s previous comments edited out. Suffice to say Debbie Gibson was the voice of a generation and the kids of today need to learn some respect.

Your plane crashes on a desert island and the only survivors are you and one album. Which album would it be?

Daniel: Glossing over the fact that unless this island had a record store then it would be whatever album if any, was with me at the time, then Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti.

Steve: I was a stunt pilot for thirty years. Any plane I’m in ain’t never gonna crash, but if I had to choose then “Out of the Blue” by Debbie Gibson.

Patrick: Any album that came with a free satellite phone

If you could have any musical instrument in the world, which one would it be and why?

Daniel: An original hang drum

Steve: A Stradivarius violin or a 1959 Les Paul

Patrick: The keyboard from inside the UFO in Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Which song was playing when you lost your virginity? 

Daniel: Uptown funk by Bruno Mars

Steve: The recently released Tchaicovsky’s symphony number 4. It was a big hit back then and sounded great played on my old phonograph.

Patrick: Music wasn’t allowed in the classroom, unless it was music class, which it wasn’t.

Whats the best thing best and worst thing about playing live gigs?

Daniel: Best – Playing with these guys. Worst – Carrying the sub-woofer back to the truck post gig

Patrick: Best – It’s the only profession I can think of which actively encourages drunkenness. Worst  – It’s the only profession I can think of which actively encourages drunkenness.

Steve: Best – Yogi mosh pits are entertaining. Worst – Nothing. I love it all.

Any final words?

Daniel. No

Patrick. Nope

Steve: I love you both.

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