A profile of Playa Nosara

nosaraLocated North of Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada, Playa Nosara is a 3 kilometers stretch  of black sand beach that links the Nosara rivermouth and Playa Ostional. Due to it’s relative inaccesability, Playa Nosara is by far the least crowded or visited of any of the beaches located within the Ostional wildlife refuge. Often, this isolation, and the chance to spend hours at a place where you may be the only human in sight is why some people consider such a nice place to visit. Additionally, intrepid surfers consider some of the peaks, and shallow reefs to be some of the best around, particularly during southwesterly and southern swells when Playa Nosara is known to produce some fun barrels.

The main reason Playa Nosara remains undisturbed by human encroachment is down to it’s government protection as part of the Ostional wildlife refuge. As you’d expect, the 35 hectares of untouched  tropical forest and mangrove swamp lying inland is home to howler monkeys, raccoons, coatis, deer, snakes, crocodiles, wild cats and countless other species. There is also a stunning array of bird species, many of which you’d be very unlikely to spot elsewhere.  Among the estimated  270 different bird species are eagles, ospreys, hawks, falcons, toucans, motmots, long tailed manakins, herons,  waders and many more. Obviously, this makes this a highly rated spot among birdwatchers.

Playa Nosara can be accesed from Playa Ostional in the north. However,  at low tide, to the south, and much closer to Playa Guiones is  the Nosara River. This  iseasily crossed on foot at low tide and brings you to the north end of Playa Nosara. The prime time to enter the reserve is either early morning or late afternoon. This is the time of day when the local wildlife is at its most active.

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