Rainy Season in Nosara

Rainy season in Nosarabrings the unexpected. First and foremost is to clean your homes gutters. Dry season sees dirt, leaves and the kind of debris that leads to overflow and leaks accumulate. Potential disaster can be avoided by a simple cleaning before the rains hit.

Repair any roof leaks. What starts as a tiny, inconsequential drip can evolve into a serious problem, particularly for houses with tin roofs. To avoid problems repair these leaks before the downpours begin.

During dry season mud, moss, mildew, plant materials and other things can accumulate on steps and paths which can lead to slippery surfaces. Invest in, or simply borrow a power washer and spend an afternoon blasting away at the slime before it causes problems.

In addition, heavy rains can take a serious toll on any outdoor surfaces. These need to be sealed and painted to ensure the wear and tear does not spread. Use concrete sealer for cement floors, exterior paints on metals, and roof paint for metal roofs.

Rain aproaching Playa Pelada, Nosara

Rainy season view of Playa Pelada Golf, Costa Rica

Fumigate your home. This is an important one. Heavy rains seemingly resurrect overnight a multitude of bugs and insects, especially ants, all of whom think that your home provides the best possible accommodation option. Fumigating the area around your home should solve this problem. Hardware stores often stock a range of products that when mixed with water can be applied via a spray bottle. Remember to spray wooden ceiling cracks and corners as these are often the critters first port of entry.

Living in the jungle comes at a price, and power outages are common. You should expect these and prepare for them by storing flashlights and candles to provide illumination on those dark nights.

Surge protectors should ideally be a feature of anyone’s home all year round. And if you’ve experienced the simultaneous death of multiple electrical appliances courtesy of a nearby lightning strike you’ll understand why. A surge protector functions to absorb the impact of lightning strikes, damage inflicted when the power unexpectedly comes back on, and the intermittent spikes which are extremely common.

Despite the playful aggression exhibited with other dogs during walks on the beach, and their incessant yapping at anything moving on two wheels, dogs, and other household pets are often wimps in the face of heavy weather, particularly if that heavy weather comes with lightning strikes. Make sure they have a safe, dry place to take refuge during a storm.

Waterproof rubber boots and ponchos might not be most peoples idea of an essential fashion item, however as soon as the downpours begin looking cool may well come a distant second to staying dry. Buy rain gear, and remember just because it says “waterproof” on the inseam doesn’t always mean it is. Test it out first rather than waiting to find out during an emergency.

Keeping Dengue away from home

Rain season creates ideal breeding conditions for the “Aedes” mosquito. If you’re unfamiliar with the name then all you need to know is that this is the airborne terrorist responsible for transmitting dengue fever. Get rid of stagnant bodies of water around your home. Buckets, flower pots, even empty coconut husks, basically any place that water can potentially collect should be searched for and dealt with accordingly.

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