New Shuttle Service To/From Liberia airport and Nosara

There’s a lot of advantages to taking a shuttle bus in and out of Nosara. It’s faster, cleaner and more comfortable than a bus, much cooler with AC and bigger seats allowing you to sit back enjoy the views and take a nap. You don’t have to worry about directions and can rest assured you’ll end up exactly where you need to be with time to spare. They offer a safe, reliable and flexible means of getting to and from Nosara and are pretty much the best option to get you to your destination. And now, given that just teamed up with Terratour to launch a convenient new online booking system they just became cheaper and easier to reserve.

In a bid to streamline and automate the shuttle reservation process nosara.coms brand new online booking engine has been created to offer the traveler the easiest, cheapest and most efficient means of getting from A to B. Additionally, the fact that there will likely be more than one person reserving the shuttle means these savings will be passed on to the customer. For anyone wishing to take advantage of this new service, all that’s required is to get online and fill in the reservations details. This can be done from your computer or mobile device in minutes. After the reservation is made simply fill in your credit card details and you’re ready to go. As soon as another person signs up for the journey the price is automatically reduced by at least $50. As more people fill the remaining spots the price is reduced even further. Here;s how it works:

Private van: After setting your preferred date and time the price will be $130 for between 1-5 passengers. However, the private van has the capacity for up to 15 passengers. Once other people begin to sign, the price is automatically reduced by $50.

Shuttle van: We are offering daily shuttles from Nosara to Liberia and vicerversa, at set times depending on the departing and arriving flights each day. Check out the schedule and choose the best option for you. The price of a shuttle van is of $39 per person.

Shared  van:  This is set to be a great option for solo travelers. From $79 you can join a Private Van from a customer who initially had a private van but who has opted to open up the service to additional travelers.

In addition to helping people to stretch their vacation funds and maximize their resources, we also aim to reduce pollution by cutting down the amount of different vehicles carrying single passengers to catch the same flight.

To take advantage of the this cheaper, more convenient brand new service click this link

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  1. It’s interesting to know that you don’t have to worry about directions when taking an airport shuttle service because you will be dropped at the location where you’re supposed to head at. My friend is heading going to be working offshore and is wondering whether to take a shuttle or a car service. I’ll share your thoughts about taking an airport shuttle besides the fact that it’s more cost-efficient.

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