Staying safe in Nosara

Overall, Nosara is a safe place with good people. Nevertheless, crimes happen, the most common of which is petty theft. The simplest way to avoid this is to bring little to nothing that other people may want to steal. However, this isn’t always practical. The following list contains some general pointers regarding how to maximize your safety, and minimize your chances of being victim to theft during you stay in Nosara.

-Whenever you leave your home, particularly at night, ensure that some lights are left on to dissuade anyone from entering.

-If you are staying in a rental home ensure you understand the security features of the place. Before leaving the house, or before going to bed at night double check all windows and doors to make sure they are locked.

-If you have curtains or shutters, make sure they are closed before leaving the house or going to bed at night. Ensure valuables are not left in plain site.

-Never reveal the location of your house if asked by a stranger. Likewise, be careful about revealing plans you may have to be out that night.

-During your stay you may be approached by strangers eager to be your friend. In most cases this is fine. However, be aware that this is a fairly common method of trying to win your trust with the aim of gaining information concerning your whereabouts and your movements.

-Never let complete strangers onto your property whether you are there or not.

-If you intend to hide your keys on the property, do so in a place that is not obvious and known only to you.

-Before you leave the property ensure that any belongings, even those left out to dry such as surfboards, rashguards, boardshorts, etc, have been put inside the house. These items are easy pickings and among the most commonly reported things stolen.

-If you intend to swim or surf, take only to the beach that which you absolutely need. If you must take valuables to the beach ensure that they are never left unattended, and never hide them in the sand if you decide to go for a wander.

-There are many places to park in Guiones that are near enough to the beach without being in the beach car park. Whenever and wherever you park your vehicle, make sure it is in a well lit, visible area.

-Even if you car is locked and in a visible are, leaving valuables or luggage, or even anything inside is a really bad idea. Car theft makes up many of the crime reports the police received in Playa Guiones.

-There are a number of taxi services in Nosara. These are usually tuk tuks, which are safe, cheap and reliable. Use these if you don’t have a vehicle and need to travel any distance. Never accept rides from strangers.

-If you need to walk home at night, make sure you have at least one other person to accompany you. Additionally, make sure you have a working flashlight to guide your way through the otherwise often pitch black darkness.

-If your car breaks down, be on guard and keep any valuables close.

-Report any suspicious activity or persons to the tourist police. Their office is located just South of Harmony Hotel and their telephone number is 2682-0075.

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