Essential Tips to Plan Your Perfect Surfing Trip in Nosara

When it comes to planning a surfing trip, there are a lot of factors at play. From picking a location to packing and everything in between, here are a few essential tips to plan your perfect surfing trip in Nosara.

Choose Your Perfect Destination

Surfing waves in Nosara Costa RicaThe first step in planning a successful surfing trip is picking a location. Nosara is a great surfing location for all different experience levels, and this area has a very unique experience to offer every surfer.

The tropical location has the perfect waves, weather, and surrounding areas to explore when taking a break from the waves.




Take Care of Your Paperwork

Before jetting off and joining us in beautiful Nosara, and before you getting in the water for your first spectacular Nosara surf; take care of the paperwork.

While it’s less exciting than the rest of the tips, this could arguably be the most important step. This includes an ID, passport, surfer’s insurance, and emergency contact numbers.

Before taking off on a surfing trip, someone should always know your destination and expected return date. Travel insurance is a great investment to make as well for even more protection.


Be Prepared Financially

Before anyone heads off to a new location for a fun adventure, it’s vital to look into the cost of the trip beyond the plane ride. Consider investigating other activities and places to visit in Nosara before setting a firm budget, and then bring a little extra on top of that. A responsible travel plan should include research on how to exchange local currency before arriving so the trip runs smoothly.


Protecting the Surfboard

Surf in Nosara beach Costa RicaRenting a surfboard and equipment whilst Nosara is easy, but if you choose to bring your own equipment, it is essential that it is properly protected.

Before boarding your flight to Nosara and beginning the trip, you need to protect the surfboard. Purchasing a bag with 7mm – 10mm padding is critical to protecting a surfboard during a flight. Towels, surf gear, and other soft materials can be packed with the board in the bag to add additional padding and protection during a flight.

Proper labels including a name, contact, and address, all need to be included on the outside of every surfboard bag that’s boarding a flight to ensure easy retrieval after the flight ends.


Pack Extra

Surf accessories in NosaraSurfing trips are sure to be lots of fun and the last thing many people think about is safety when they begin packing, but it’s a very important step of the packing process. Accidents happen and boards, or pieces of boards, can break and injury can occur.

Be prepared with extra wax, leashes, leash strings, fin keys, and fins before heading off to a destination. Duct tape and surf stickers are great tools to have on hand in case of an emergency repair need to be done. It’s always better to be overly prepared for any possible thing that can come up than to be stranded in an unfamiliar place with a broken board.




Enjoy the Company of Other Surfers

Surfers in Nosara Costa RicaMost surf towns are full of local surfers. Nosara has many options for beginners who are looking to improve their skills, and a great local community of more experienced surfers to network with for more experienced surfers.

Take advantage of the great community in this beautiful surfing location to make the most out of any trip.



Set Up Transportation Plans

After arriving at a great surfing location, having transportation is the next step. To get to the beach some people take a road trip, some people take a boat trip, but either way, setting up that transportation ahead of time makes everything easier upon arriving. If you are travelling with a car you need to think about how you are going to secure everything you need. There are tonnes of options such as these racks to store various items.

Before landing at your destination, any prepared surfer should look into the local transportation and have a plan in mind. Knowing how to get where you want to go lets you spend more time on the waves and less time trying to get to the waves.

Following these essential tips should allow anyone to have a great surfing experience in Nosara. Beginners and veteran surfers alike will find peace and comfort in the tropical air, great environment, and beautiful waves.

There are many different surf spots to explore depending on the surfer’s level of experience, networking with the locals during a trip is one of the best ways to discover less crowded and more unique spots to enjoy. Come prepared, be ready to have fun, and let the tropical paradise that is Nosara become a new oasis for any surfing adventure.

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