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According to figures released by El financerio, about 166,000 people or 10.7% of tourists who arrived in the country in 2015 did so on their honeymoon. That Costa Rica has long been a honeymoon favorite is nothing new. However, according to a whole range of international surveys, Costa Rica now occupies one of the top slots not just for honeymooners, but as a place for destination weddings. And, it’s not difficult to understand why. Given the incredible beaches of Garza, Guiones, Pelada, and San Juanillo are right on the doorstep, it’s also easy to see why Nosara is coming to increasingly rank as a leading destination for those wishing to tie the knot. Here is a few reasons why:

For many people traveling from the United States Costa Rica is between 3-6 hours of flight time away, thus minimizing the jet lag and hassle of travel. Often, flights can be found relatively cheap, which means people can spend less on the airfare and more on the wedding celebrations.

It’s been over a decade since Costa Rica became noted for it’s professionalism and levels of service with respect to tourism. Nowadays, the Nosara tourism infrastructure is a well oiled machine, and can take care of everything from accommodations, transport, catering, events, planning and scheduling, and anything else to help take nosara wedding
the heat from planning a wedding.

Whether it be guest seating, menus, or the perfect arrangement of tropical flowers, the wedding tourism industry in Nosara promises a solid commitment to personalized service, as well as great value.

In practical terms, getting married in Costa Rica is as easy as can be. You’ll need a valid passport, 2 witnesses, and a lawyer or legal notary. This lack of red tape is a big draw for many couples. It eases stress, consumes little time, and allows them to spend more of their vacation with each other and less on bureaucratic details.

Much has been written about the flora, fauna, and diverse natural surroundings of Costa Rica. From the empty sands of North Pelada, to the tide pools at South Guiones, Nosara is home to more than a few awe inspiring locations, all of which bring their own unbeatable sense of romance. Many couples married here will tell you that a Pacific sunset as an altar, along with a strip of golden sand as the aisle is the perfect recipe for a truly memorable wedding.

Photo: Four Winds Weddings

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