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4 You Hostel
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4 You Hostal, shares the meaning of feeling at home by providing guests comfortable single or shared rooms, with a large fully equipped double kitchen and luxury finishes in a eco friendly environment.

“Come and enjoy nature and the joy of living with US”
Carola and Marco.

Located just 10 minutes walk to the beach, surrounded by lush nature where surfers, yoga enthusiasts and adventurers can relax and make new friends in our new delicately finished facility with furniture brought from Bali thinking about the good taste and comfort of an environment designed 4 you!

4 You Hostal offers you:
-Double kitchen area fully equipped to enjoy cooking as if you where at home.

-For those who want privacy 3 separate rooms $30, 1 person $40, 2 persons.

-Comfortable shared room with 8 Queen beds large shared bathroom with 3 showers and 4 toilets equipped with lockers designed for your comfort and safety, $18.

-2 Bungalows with private bathroom and terrace 1 king bed $55, 2 persons.

-2 Bungalows with private bathroom and terrace, with 3 berths or 4 berths, $25 for person.
(We provide you with linens)

-Free Wi-Fi service.

-Grocery store a variety of restaurants and bars nearby, ask our friendly staff and they’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.


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