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beach dog
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Beach dog cafe is a locals and tourist favorite, one of the longest running restaurants in town. Ten years we have been serving up the tastiest, healthiest and most original food around. Serving worldly flavors with Costa Rican ingredients and using local and organic products. From fresh smoothies, local tico breakfast, tacos burritos and giant sandwiches for lunch. Dinners consist of everything from pad Thai to the Mediterranean bowl, Cajun crusted mahi mahi and mini mango BBQ sliders. We have an extensive kids menu for all your little ones to enjoy too!

Also our famous Vegan Big Mack is taking the town by storm! We are now also growing much of our own produce herbs and some fruits. We are known to have the largest menu in town insuring something for everyone, consisting of different day and night menu as well. We have extensive vegetarian and vegan food that comes packed with flavor and variety.

No matter what you need or crave we got you covered!!

Always trying our best to give back!

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