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Jade Nosara Retreat
Jade Nosara Retreat
Jade Nosara Retreat
Jade Nosara Retreat
Jade Nosara Retreat
Jade Nosara Retreat
Jade Nosara RetreatJade Nosara RetreatJade Nosara RetreatJade Nosara RetreatJade Nosara RetreatJade Nosara Retreat

Close your eyes and imagine being dropped into a village in a jungle in the most beautiful cove on the Pacific Ocean.

Now imagine the beach meeting the jungle with no development – for the first 200 meters (because it’s protected for the Leatherback and Olive Ridley sea turtles that nest and lay eggs every month). Only small boutique hotels and private homes are hidden inside. Did we mention the postage size community is being studied because it’s one of five Blue Zones on the planet? (Where people live to be over 100 years old.)

Now imagine staying in the Garden of Eden inside this community. Waking in the morning to howler monkeys and exotic birds. Jade Nosara is an oasis in the jungle with a pool to die for. On one end, the main house to gather and the other, a yoga and healing arts pavilion. Around both sides of the pool are five standalone bungalows with private terraces. Hidden in the back is a duplex with two suites. We experience a heightened sense of beauty and music in the garden. Hummingbirds and butterflies share their worlds with you. Flowers and exotic plants act as the colors in the painting. Birds and monkeys build the background melodies.

Imagine wonderful dinner parties catered by private chefs. Now imagine only being able to bring 15 to 20 of your closest friends.

Remember – you really should leave the property and go enjoy the neighborhood.

Imagine not needing a car because world class surfing breaks, restaurants and boutiques are only a few minutes away by foot. Imagine day excursions like zip lining, riding a horse on the beach, a quad through the jungle, rivers and waterfalls, deep sea fishing, surfing… only minutes away. Or taking top-notch yoga, Pilates or other workshops offered by some of the best instructors.

Now imagine walking onto a jungle trail and completely finding peace in the three to four-minute walk. Looking to the left and to the right, enjoying the plants and the vines swinging from them, noticing seed pods and blossoms that you have never seen before. Then the path ends and you are on a dirt road that takes you to a pair of the most amazing red clay tennis courts you can imagine. The courts have a canopy of trees all around. But what really blows your mind is the tennis director and the amazing tennis professionals working here. Camila was the best female professional tennis player in Chile. You can only imagine the caliber of lessons and clinics that are offered daily. The director, also the owner of the club, is a coach of the Davis Cup team in Costa Rica and was the best for over five years in a row. The third pro is a Zen-like teacher introduces “mindful tennis”. That is why we sponsored Colibri, the local tennis club.

Imagine the most beautiful sunsets where the community stops and gathers together to celebrate the day. Surfers ride and carve waves like artists on display for all to watch. But the sunsets – this is the surprise we all wait for. Sometimes the sky is painted with orange and yellow with wispy clouds dancing on the stage. Other times, blues and grays embrace each other. We look down from the sky and enjoy the final act: the wet sand reflecting the sky with the surf moving in and out, erasing each painting like an etch a sketch.

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