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Moving to Costa Rica is the best decision anyone willing improve their lifestyle can make. The second best decision? To invest in real estate! Expats from all walks of life call Nosara home whether they want to spend their winters in Costa Rica, snatch rental income opportunities or build a dream home where they can raise their family on vast, affordable, preserved lands with ocean views.

This Costa Rican town located in the Nicoya Peninsula is more than the perfect destination for nature enthusiasts, surfers, yoga buffs and families. Sensible property laws, flexible urban planning and wellpaced residential growth created the perfect context for anyone interested in realty.

The properties we list are for sale by owner, saving you time and money without having to go through a third party. Every listing on is vetted by our team and respects local property laws. Though you can contact the owner directly, our team is available to answer your questions and facilitate your experience.

Lot size: 1487.50 M2
Lot size: 6,445.84 M2
Lot size: 6,045.14 M2
Lot size: 12,189.95 m2
Lot size: 1,330.84 M2
Lot size: 6,040.80 M2
Lot size: 1200 sqft

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