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From gentle waist high walls to double overhead bombs when it comes to surfing it’s easy to see why Playa Guiones holds mass appeal for everyone from novices to seasoned surf dogs. According to National Geography, Nosara ranks as one of the worlds leading surf towns and anyone lucky enough to have caught one of the many perfect waves understands why. Warm, crystalline blue waters, a friendly line-up and surf-able waves 365 days a year combine to make this place a true surfing paradise.

Surfing is a high energy sport. In addition to the physical demands surfers need to understand ocean conditions and wave characteristics, all of which can only be gained through time and experience. Although surfing, particularly in the early stages can be tough, fear not because help is at hand.
While Nosara is a magnet for veteran wave warriors, the sheer range of conditions make it the perfect beach for beginners to fully immerse themselves in this life changing pursuit. As such, a wide range of high quality, full service surf schools now make up a vital part of the local tourism industry. Many of the instructors are local characters who have been surfing since before they could walk. They are a true pleasure to hang out and surf with, and are thrilled to be able to share their knowledge about board selection, wave selection, proper techniques, safety, and the many other aspects of what it takes to rip it up in the water. Here you will find our selection of some of the best surf schools in the area, all of whom can’t wait to get you out there and experience the ride!

Even though you can find consistent waves throughout the year, if you’re primary reason for visiting Nosara is to surf recommends you visit us between November and August when the swell size is usually larger.123

Moana Surf Resort

Location:Playa Guiones
Phone:(506) 2682-0025
We offer expert surf coaching and boutique accommodations with every detail of your comfort and rest in mind.
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Coconut Harry

Location:Playa Nosara
Phone:(506) 2682-0574
Opening hours:7am to 5pm
Coconut Harry´s Surf Shop is your one stop for all your beach surfing needs.
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Kids Camp

Location:Calle Los Mangos
Phone:(506) 8617 3603
Come and check the best kids camp in Nosara town!! A once in a lifetime local experience that your child will never forget done the PURA VIDA way!
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Olo Alaia

Phone:(506) 8897-4071
Olo Alaia is a surf shop/cafe-brewhouse and lifestyle, offering unparalleled experiential surf education and experiences through our establishment in Nosara.
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Cachos Surf School

Location:Playa Guiones
Phone:(506) 8615-4997

Nosara Tico

Location:Playa Guiones
Phone:(506)2573 0975
Nosara Tico Surf School is a locally owned surf shop and surf school, 100% tico in Playa Guiones.
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