A sublimely beautiful stretch of golden sand which for decades remained known only to a select few traveling surfers and yogis with the tenacity to get to, and survive in this stunningly rugged jungle environment.

As word spread of it’s natural beauty, crazy good waves, and jaw dropping array of biodiversity visitor numbers increased, accessibility improved and the town evolved at a leisurely pace into the holistic yoga, surfing and lifestyle Shangri-La that it is today. Despite increasing development, town residents have worked diligently to ensure the natural beauty that first attracted them does not fall prey to the rampant commercialism that have affected many of the neighboring tourist towns.

Under Playa Guiones rustic exterior lies a dynamic and modern infrastructure which offers visitors all they could need from delicious dining experiences to swanky hotels. Despite a range of quality nightlife options generally it’s a go to bed early, and get up at sunrise type of town, which given the range of activities on offer is understandable. After rising to the sounds of breaking waves and monkeys howling many visitors kick off their day with a dawn patrol surf session as this is when the offshore winds are usually at their best.

For less experienced surfers there’s no shortage of surf schools happy to take you under their wing and show you the ropes. After a morning spent battling the waves it’s up to you whether you want to walk on the beach, take a bike ride, an ATV or horse back tour, a stand up paddle or kayaking session, a sport fishing trip or just spend the day idling away the hours from the comfort of a hammock.

Sunset at Guiones has become almost a ceremonial event for the many locals and tourists who gather in the early evening to witness this spectacular light show, catch up with friends over a cerveza, and if they’re lucky catch a glimpse of the ‘green flash’ a second as the sun dips below the horizon. As night falls Playa Guiones chefs, bar staff and live musicians begin preparing a huge variety of culinary and entertainment options for you to enjoy, most of which are only a short walk away.