A 20 minute drive North from Playa Guiones lies a beach that at certain times of the year hosts one of the true wonders of the natural world. The World Wildlife Fund has pinpointed Playa Ostional as one of the two most important nesting sites in the world for the Olive Ridley turtle. During this event tens of thousands of these incredible creatures make their way ashore to dig nests and lay eggs. This unique spectacle is named “Arribada” and is at its best in rainy season (September and October) a few days before each new moon.

Although ‘Arribada’ is a huge draw there’s far more to Ostional than just turtles. Ostional is an expansive stretch of beautiful, black volcanic sand and home to a huge array of species both in the water and on land. Ostional’s powerful, hollow waves are also a huge magnet for surfers looking to test their skills in the challenging yet highly rewarding conditions.