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As the perfect place in which to escape, relax, live simply, free ones mind, and find ones center it’s unsurprising that Nosara’s reputation as Central America’s leading yoga hot spot is so firmly established. The soul soothing sights, sounds and ambiance of the Pacific jungle landscape were the foundations for Nosara’s early pioneering yoga communities decision to set up shop. All who come here to practice this life changing art find that Nosara’s natural environment acts as a perfect catalyst to a deep state of serene awareness, and often leave determined to return. From humble beginnings Nosara has slowly evolved into a yoga Mecca that attracts both novices and those looking to deepen their practice from all over the globe.

With disciplines ranging from Vinyasa, Acro, Kundalini, surfer specific yoga and many more Nosara really is the perfect place to immerse oneself in this incredibly calming activity. Those passionate about visiting Nosara for yoga retreats, teacher training or day classes will find no shortage of options to suit their style and requirements.

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Costa Rica Yoga Spa

Nestled between the magical waters of Rio Montaña and Nosara.